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what's wrong with my weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grim_reefer, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. hey all I'm new to the forum and just looking for some feedback on some new bud I got.

    I just picked up off a new dealer and I really don't like this weed at all. It has a weak

    fruity aroma and it is extremely fluffy and light. I only smoked a little bit out of my

    vaporizer and it tasted like roasted peanuts and just gave me a bad headache. I felt a

    really weak high I was almost not sure if i even got high off the few hits. I took some

    close up pictures and the bud looks good I guess but there is something wrong with it im

    sure, so im wondering if anyone out there can enlighten me by looking at it maybe you

    can tell.

    ok heres a few pics hopefully they work

  2. well the pics are really huge maybe a little too big lol
  3. im no expert in identifying mold but those brown/gold leaves and portions of leaves look suspicious to me...
  4. You've gotta be trollin'. That's some dank right there.
  5. That weed looks fuckin' fresh. You must be trippin'.
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  6. you do know what happens when leaves arent green right..? they usually turn brown....

    and that shit looks killer.. i dunno man, id roll up a blunt, smoke it, and then judge it from there
  7. IMO it looks like there's a little budrot goin on there.

    Besides that it looks pretty good. I *think* I see a lot of clear trichs. That could be why there's low potency.
  8. Perhaps try drying it out a bit more and curing it a lil, it may be too fresh, otherwise thats dank shit and you should be high.
  9. yeah i know it looks pretty good in the pics. there is more green stuff than brown dried leaves but i think maybe it was not dried right or something, i dont normally smoke blunts but i will maybe roll up a joint tommorrow morning and see what happens. i got this other weed that makes me cough my brains out and taste alot better so i just been smoking on that
    [​IMG]this weed is some fire i dont know wtf is up with the other stuff
  10. idk man, looks good to me.
  11. that looks pretty dank. It might be a weird strain? i cant really think of any other reasons
  12. The dry brown leaves on there are absolutely fine.

    Everything in the pic looks fine.
  13. alright thanks atleast i dont feel like i got completely ripped off now but im gona try to get rid of this weed and get some more of the other stuff because i think it sucks :D
  14. No, it does not suck.

    That's some dank ass shit you got, smoke it a different way.
  15. ill have to give it another try tommorrow. i do enjoy smoking papers. im so baked right now i am sure i wouldnt feel a thing. :smoking::smoking:
  16. Sounds to me like the vape's problem. That bud looks pretty dank, dont stress it.
  17. It's probably laced with meth dude, just send it to me.
  18. i smoked it in a paper it doesnt get u high

    i gave some to my friends and they said they didnt get high either

  19. yall suck at smoking
  20. If you don't like the weed you can just send it to me. I would be happy enough to take that.

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