Whats wrong with my top leaves???

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  1. Just found out only one of my 3 plants are female. Took out the males and noticed the leaves on the top were curled and look burnt.. Suggestions?? It's at 85 degrees during day and 65 at night. FFOF soil with the gods nutes. Sometimes heat almost reaches 90. Could this be why? Also humidity is at 80 during night time

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  2. looks like the same thing i had going on with mine and it was a nute issue after i flushed the plant was fine some just are more sensitve than others.
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    That is two diff types of stress, a little heat stress from the 90s, and the other stress is probably from too much temperature change. whe it varies too much 65-90 it does that. Marijuana plants are a big fan of homeostasis. That means the like regularity and regulated environments. So temperature change like thats no good..

    You need better exhaust for lights on, and a better way to trap heat during lights off. That should be your problem. doesnt look like nute burn, have you given nutes yet?

    EDIT: Bookmark this sick plant guide, it has pictures and can help you identify just about any problem your having with your plant.

    You have to scroll down past the pest section to see, heat stress and temp changes
  4. Look To me like a nitrogen deficiency. Also depending on how close the lights are they will get heat stress. Keep the lights up, and give it some nitrogen. A co2 bomb could help to, take a little bowl with some baking soda and water. Hope your plant thrives man
  5. yea CO2 bombs are good i never used baking soda and yeast, add it together to quickly and it will literally explode. I use Sugar & yeast, you can measure the amount of CO2 in the air too
    Let's go with 1 gram of sugar. The fermentation reaction is:

    C6H12O6 = 2 C2H5OH + 2 CO2

    So 1 mole of sugar yields 2 moles of ethanol and 2 moles of CO2. The MW of sugar is 180 (6 x 12 + 12 x 1 + 6 x 16) and the MW of CO2 is 44 (1 x 12 + 2 x 16). Therefore, 180 grams of sugar yields 2 x 44 or 88 gms of CO2. This means that 1 gram of sugar produces 0.244 grams of CO2.

    Or 25% of sugar added is the amount of CO2 made.

    But keep in mind that this reaction only occurs under anarobic conditions (no oxygen) once the yeast colony is established. During the initial stages, the yeast will consume sugar and oxygen to promote cell growth. Cell growth will act as a sink for carbon so I suspect the overall yield will be less. Also, CO2 production will decline over time as the alcohol content increases. Only if you were to continuously remove the alcohol and add sugar would the production of CO2 be constant. Here's an old article that describes an experiment to measure O2 and CO2 generation from yeast.

    CO2 helps plants deal with heat stress

    In anycase hope this info helps
  6. Update on my plants!! Hope u likes!!

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  7. Lookin great man! what are the temps like now?
  8. they're looking good mate, ease up on the nutes though, over fertilizing stunts bud growth, and your leaves are showing signs of it a little
  9. I would recommend turning lights on at night time then turning lights off in the day. The temperature fluctuates less that way. That's how I did my grow.
  10. I also do this. lights on in the day for me and everything would overheat straight away
  11. UPDATE!!! New pics. First grow so please feel free to criticize. Tips would help. The bigger one is at about 4-6 weeks flower and the small ones about week 3-4

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