Whats wrong with my Siggie????

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. okay everyone, lets play Whats wrong with Cowofsteel's Siggie!!!
    There is somthing wrong with my siggie, somthing is not as it should be! Can you figure it out?
    1)Must be over 18
    2)Must smoke pot
    3)Must know chemical forumla for making LSD! (or ice cubes)

    Whatever the fuck I feel like doing for you!

    Live in Vegas

    (Okay maybe I do like playing the games on the sides of ceral boxes a lot, so what!?)
  2. I know what's wrong with it!!!
    I CAN'T SEE IT!!!

    Went to the image address...
    Access Denied (Usage Limit)


    The owner of this file has exceeded their daily usage limit.

    Do I win???
  3. YUP! your todays winner!
    you get......... umm well check my siggie out!

    try again tommrow when theres actually a pic to see!

    (anybody know of a free pic hosting site with a bigger max usage limit then 5 mb?)
  4. You have a pic and sentences in your sig... Your supposed to have one or the other and not both!!!!!

  5. AAAAAA! srry, ill get right on that

    thanks hempress! (by the way, the siggie is great, i just found somthing werid)

    Excellent new sig...
    Too bad about it not being allowed...

    It used to be you could look up "Ens-Entium" in the Thesaurus, and "God" would be one of its synonyms...
    Those were the good old days...
  7. rotflmao! that's a good one! ^
  8. I am really messed up and confused.......I love the Tussin :D

    I can\t believe I can type
  9. lol hempress ;) Hiya, hope ur enjoyin urself

    and still cant see ur siggie cow:p

  10. mre lke yu enjoy yoursef

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