whats wrong with my seedlings. first time grower please help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 420ripjeebs, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I have a week old sprout in reagualr cheap 1$ bag porting soil from the dollar store I only got it b.c it was so cheap and I could get many bags. But a few days ago the little round leaves on the plant started to dry up and it seems as if they are dying? The actual first set of seraided leaves are doing good tho and the second set of leaves are just starting to come up. I using foxfarm trio package with grow big, tiger bloom, big bloom. I only used big bloom once so far at 1/4 strength b.c I thought it would need nutrients from the cheap soil nd once I gave it tht it seemed to start doing better and its under 400w hps tht I got from a friend. All I wanna know is what's going on with the little round "dying" leaves
  2. The little round leaves always die off, dont worry about it.
  3. Oh thanks a lot I was getting worried lol should I cut the dead part on it away or just leave it
  4. Just curious...you spent good money for the FF nutes, but you cheaped out on the soil?
  5. I got the nutes with the light from my friend but other then tht I was a little tight on funds and a dollar for a 8lb bag seemed like a deal to me
  6. Your using a HPS for vegetation growth?
  7. HPS has a spectrum good for flowering, vegetative stage likes 6500 light spectrum, which is a MH, or certain CFL's. Even though light schedule determines its growth, I am sure a MH or 6500 CFL would do loads better. Then bring the HPS back out when you are flowering.
  8. The hps is the only light I have available to grow with for now but I've been looking to get one of those MH conversion bulb for the hps ballast. Would the change in light put my plant in any type of shock if I were to change the bulb in a week or so

  9. I dont think it would shock them, and if it did, very tiny shock
  10. Spectrum isn't as important as u think. What's more important is timings.
    You can veg just fine under a HPS as long as u stay on a veg timing.
    Ex: 24/0. 20/4. 18/6.

  11. I guess the idea is that >5000k mimics mid day sun, <3000k mimics sun closer to the twilight hours. But in the end, you are correct, more to it than just color temp.
  12. I have it on a 18/6 timer and thanks now ik I don't have to order a new bulb lol thanks for all the help guys

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