whats wrong with my seedling!? HELP ASAP!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TokinTucker101, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hello grass city! This is my first grow and i have a Quick Question for you guys. I Started growing 2 diesel ryders and planted them 9 days ago today. i'm a little concerned about their health. their first set of leaves are looking extremely droopy and a little curly and dont seem to look very healthy. i need some help determining the problem. Is it heat stress or overwatering? They're in a grow box with good air circulation and reflected walls, in small pots a little bigger than disposable plastic cups, using Fox Farm ocean forrest soil under 2 20Watt daylight CFL's and 4 20 watt soft white CFL's,
    24/7 light schedule. Ive been misting them when I feel the soil is running dry. and the temp is 75-80 degrees. Please help.
  2. Pics? And how often do you water?

    Cause I hope your not just misting them.
    Also if you only have 20 watt bulbs, your prob gonna need more light man. I would suggest getting the 100 watt or 150 bulbs.
  3. seedlings don't need any nutes for the first couple weeks. ffof has nutes in it. they may burn. get them into something w/o nutes.
  4. overwatered, re-pot into dryer soil.

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