Whats wrong with my seedling?! EMERGENCY!!! PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TokinTucker101, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hello roll it up! This is my first grow and i have a Quick Question for you guys. I Started growing 2 diesel ryders and planted them 11 days ago today. i'm really concerned about their health. their first set of leaves are looking extremely droopy and a little curly and dont seem to look very healthy. i need some help determining the problem. Is it heat stress or overwatering? They're in a grow box with good air circulation and reflected walls, in small pots a little bigger than disposable plastic cups, using Fox Farm ocean forrest soil under 4 20Watt daylight CFL's,
    24/7 light schedule. Ive been misting them when I feel the soil is running dry. and the temp is 75-80 degrees. Please help. Noone answered my questions on grass city so i thaught i'd try here. Im extremely worried. I've already taken the foil out and replaced it with white paper.

    The yellow pot is where my deisel is (pictured above) i just moved it down off the shelf closer to the lights to hopefully reduce heatstress. also checked Ph of all containers and soil was 6.8-7.0.

    I just wanna see some growth, ive already started three more On the shelf. its been a week since i planted the germinated seeds, and they began to sprout 2 days ago and now im seeing slow growth still, (leaves open a little-halfway)

    please help me as im confused as to what im doing wrong with my first grow, im stressed!

    i've already had 3 seedlings die this week and i dont want this one to aswell, i spent lots of money on this grow and on seeds..

    ive reposted this thread UNCOUNTABLE times on here and other forums and got barely any answers. im lost and i dont want my seedlings to diee!!!
  2. 1. This ain't Roll It Up
    2. Your pics don't work
    3. There's a grow section for a reason
    4. No need to post this shit in 2 different threads. Come on man
  3. haha i didn't think it was possible to be so oblivious that you don't know what forum you're posting on

  4. This.
  5. you dont have enough light...

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