whats wrong with my plants?

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  1. k so i recently posted a thread about them budding [which they started about 3 weeks ago], and they all looked pretty green and healthy just under a week ago, but when i went to go check them out last night, alot of them are turning somewhat yellow, mostly just the lower leaves though, the top third is all green on almost all of them

    the funny thing is, they were doing better than this under a week ago, and this plant that is pictured below still had somewhat damp soil when i checked it, so it doesnt apear to be a watering problem?

    The last time they got nutes now was over a month ago, and have had nothing since, could that be the problem now that they are budding?

    Today i bought some budding fert to use, but is there somthing else causing this besides lack of nutes?


    any help is much appreciated because im stumped..
  2. Lack of nutrients. Specificly a lack in Nitrogen as the older growth is showing a dificency, and the newer growth is not; due to nitrogen being a mobile nutrient within the plant, so the nitrogen goes to the new growth to keep the plant growing.

    A plant that size should be getting nutients every other watering, and that should be about once a week or every other week.
  3. That is a perfectly normal looking plant for the flower stage. The leaves will begin turning yellow as the plant uses up its nutes. Adding nitrogen at this point wouldn't be beneficial. Adding a bloom type nute and lots of water is about all you need to worry about.
  4. hmm ok.. cause that one pictured is kind of the best example of them all, some are better some are worse but most are better

    the Organic nutes i bought today are a 2-8-4 i belive.. do u guys think i could get away with just adding the budding nutes or should i really go with a nitrogen one first?

    i dont want to suffer nute burn etc. at this point, and when i used my other nutes earlier which were fairly nuetral i belive, they did get a little burn..
  5. That nutrient has enough nitrogen to sustain an adequate amount of foliage. Don't sweat it.
  6. Had the same with my plants and was going to post today but after reading this you chaps have cleared it up for me im just sticking with the Bloom boost to finish ..Cheers
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    Start with half dose of what the bottle reads. Start light and work your way up to full strenth.

    I would say looks normal but for the droppy leafes? I would feed half dose and let the soil dry out good. I am thinking you have no perlite in your soil and your soil is holding water making your leafes droop. Kind of like overwatering in a way.

    How often do you water your plant?

    when you water your plant soes the water run right thru it or does it take while for the plant so suck it down?

    Also after all that being said there is a good chance it could be something else. I do not like the yellowing leafes on the very top of the plant. Can you move your plants farther apart and take a pic of the others? Being it has had no feed to 30 days I would go ahead and feed one plant real good. Go back a few days and see if it helps. it it help then feed the rest. Do it the safe way.
  8. they get watered every 3-4 days, depending on weather

    amongst the 15 or so plants there are 3 different soils being used, to my recolection most of the time when watering the water usually sits on top of the soil, and slowly sinks in, i usually just give them all a little to start then come back by and give them more
  9. looks like it is a little root bound to me.
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    This is why you need perlite in your soil. MJ soil should be spongy to the touch. water should drain right thru it with no restrictions.

    I say you have a slight root bound problem. I never had this problem so not really sure what to ell you.

    I would feed one plant good. I would transplant one plant to like a grow bag. See if it turns green again?

    The good things is you have a lot of plants. I would start genni pigging a few plants.

    Your 3 weeks into flower so not sure about transplanting? Maybe someone else can chime in and help. with 15 plants you should be able to figure this out pretty fast.
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    It mite be that the pot its in doesn't have sufficient holes in the bottom for water ect. to come out. Personally i would get a bigger pot. You can do harm to it if you add more nutes when its just a backup of insufficient drainage.

    The plant is robbing excess fan leaves for magnesium and nitrogen. Also the plant has a fucked up PH level. These things happen outside and will still yield unless you fuck it up.
  12. i can see that the tips are curled an burned
    u are using too much nutes
    dont think that giving it nutes will
    fix it. at this stage it begins to do that
    so yeah nitrogen will help but keep the feeding
    constant. :wave:
  13. your problem is its in a pot and u didnt give any nutes. A plant thats grown directly in the ground can search further for food , in a pot the nutrients are quickly used up.

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