What's wrong with my plants?

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  1. A few days ago my plants started to have their edges curl up and some of the leaves taco. Also some are droopy. I water every time the soil is completely dry (2-3 days) and there some little marks on the leaves that almost look like cuts. I put a slight amount of bonemeal in their water once when i watered the other day. I keep the pH around 6.4 - 6.5 I do keep my plants in the garage where it is 65- 70% humidity and under a 125 watt LED about 6 1/2 inches above the plant. The temp is usually around 75-79 degrees Wondering if it is heat stress or maybe even early stages of light burn. I did put them inside on the window seal for 24 hours in 60 degrees just to help them cool off. They still seem to be tacos. Please Help! Thanks

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  2. That's heat stress. Your thermometer may say 75-79 but is it at the same height and distance from your lights as your plants? You could have a zone of 90 around the top of your plants and have 75 at the base or up against the wall. Try placing your temp gauge at the top of your plants for like a day and check on it, if it's hot move your lights up a couple inches. I've also seen this happen with salt based fertilizers in not too hot rooms. Something about the salt make the plant more vulnerable to heat stress, but that's kinda rare. If it makes you feel better, I've pulled off entire grows with this cupping before without much drop in yield or potency. If you start seeing anything drying out, your in the danger zone.
  3. The thermometer is placed at the base of the plants so yeah i'd imagine it's much hotter at the top of em. I will move the light up another few inches and see if that'll help. thanks so much.
  4. IMG_0044.JPG Guess I'm having the same issue then
    If you see the biggest leaf curling a little !

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