whats wrong with my plants??!!

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  1. im not sure what im doing wrong. im using fox farms grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom. i generally keep the room between 70 - 75 degrees. i dont known the plants have nute burn or a deficiency. Please help.

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  2. Need much more information other than the brand of nutes you're using (which I suspect is the root of your problem here) and the temp of your room. LOL When you have a problem or a question, always provide as much info about your setup and grow as possible. By your pictures, it looks like a serious case of nute burn. Always try and take pictures under normal lighting. You can't tell much about them under the hps light.

    Do you manage the pH of the water/feeds going into your plants? If not, your roots are probably locked up. If you started nutes at the manufacturer's recommended dose, you probably started them out with too much. The browning curled tips on the leaves is a sure sign of nute burn. But like I said above, need more info about how you grow to make a clear call. TWW
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  3. How long did you wait until adding nutes? PH run off? Did you dilute the nutes at all?

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  4. The image sucks for color. Looks a bit like Magnesium def. New growth seems okay, old growth looks bad.
    Looks like around 4th week of flower? Which means your lower leaves are going to die off.

    Take better pictures and provide more information and maybe people can help you more.

    Good luck.. Doesn't look like a disaster.
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