What's wrong with my plants?

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    Last week I noticed some of my plants leaves were clawing. It was the last week of veg. I fed them 1.5 tsp of Big Bloom and 1.5 tsp of Grow Big. The water was PD'd at 6.8. Since then, they've been watered 2 times and I haven't seen any improvement. They'll need another watering when the lights come on and I'm not sure if it's same to feed them again. I haven't been checking the runoff PH for a few weeks since every time I checked it was in the 6.5 range. I'll check it when I water it this time. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

    3x3x6 tent
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil
    3- 3 gallon Smart Pots
    3- Mystery seeds from Nirvana
    PlantinumLED P4-XML2 15-18" way from the plants VEG+BLOOM switch on
    2- 6" clip on fans
    4" inline carbon filter
    Temp is 65-68 degrees when lights off and about 72 degrees with lights on
    RH is 68-70% with lights off and 55-60% with lights on
    Runoff PH is 6.5 and PPM is 144
  2. Picture says a 1000 words
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  3. We need pictures to tell much of anything. You didnt even bother to describe the symptoms that I see.

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  4. The pH of your water/feeds needs to be within a range of 6.3 to 6.7. If it's 6.8 going into your plant, it's out of range. The pH of the water going IN is much more important than the pH of the run off. I don't know where people get confused on that with the pH. But anyway, get the pH right before you water and I seriously doubt you'll have any issues due to pH. The soil pH should be right around 7...which is neutral for soil and ideal. Some pictures would be nice so we have something to go off of. How do you determine when it's time to water your plants? If the container is not allowed to dry out to 80-90% each time before you water, you're watering too often. These plants need defined wet/dry cycles to be healthy and if you don't let the container dry out enough before you water again, you'll end up with root rot eventually. They need good soil, the pH adjusted to the proper range and good watering habits to get them throughout the veg phase. We typically don't give ours any nutes until a week or two before they go into flower because we start them in very small containers and repot them up as they need it...getting fresh soil with each repot resupplies the plant with nutrients and since you're not supposed to start nutes until what came in the soil has been used by the plants, this keeps the need for nutes down to a minimum. I don't like loading mine up with chemicals anyway and only try to give what the plant needs to thrive. Giving more nutes is probably not the answer and will just give your plants a good burn. If you suspect issues from improper pH management, you might give it(them) a good flush at 3:1 with tap water/soil with the last few gallons going in adjusted to the correct pH range. Then put it back under the lights for a few days to recover before starting nutes at a very diluted dose and raising the ppm of your feeds slowly. If you flush, you're totally responsible for the plant's nutrition from that point on since you've drained the soil of all nutrients. You're not watering with heavily filtered water are you? Using tap water works just fine. Actually, there are valuable micronutrients in the tap water that the plant needs and people who use heavily filtered water typically end up with weird deficiencies. Treatment plants don't use chlorine anymore. They've switched to chloramine which doesn't evaporate nor is there enough of it in tap water to harm your plants. I've been using it straight from the tap (pH adjusted) for years now with excellent results. Good luck! TWW
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    Did you not read my post? I said some of the leaves are clawing. Besides that, the plants are growing fine.

    I'll post up some pics shortly.
  6. And again we need pics. There are a few different forms of clawing. Nitro toxicity, ph imbalance, too warm of a medium, mites, list goes on. If there's clawing there is always a secondary symptom to help narrow it down. Simply saying help my plant is clawing will get you no where, but guessing

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  7. I've always read that the PH needs to be between 6.3 and 6.8. I've watered it at 6.5 to 6.8 since it was a seedling and never had issues till now. I water them when the top 1.5-2" is dry, which is about every 3 days.

    I'll try to post pics up soon.
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  8. 6.8 in soil is good. Look up ph nutrient intake scale. In a good system fluctuate feeding ph to take advantage of that chart. Kinda like a sliding scale. One feeding 6.8 next 6.6 next 6.4 next 6.2 and then climb back up and down. Since its soil you only feed once a week MAYBE twice so doing this wont cause problems and should capitalize one all available nutes.

    Without a pic I would say you have hot/toxic soil. In most organic soil they can and do feed themselves off the soil for a month, give or take a week or so. If you started bottle nutes before she was ready, at the very least I would guess at nitro abundance if not toxicity. Once you post a pic I can start eliminating other potential problems and hone in on your problem.

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    I only feed them once a week and it's been 10 days since I last fed them. At week 3 of veg I started feeding it Big Bloom at a 1/4 of the recommended strength. Week 4 of veg I used Big Bloom and Grow Big at 1/2 strength. It's been 10 days and 3 waterings since that feeding. I'll start watering/feeding at fluctuating PH's next time. Here are some pics:
  10. The spotting with the yellowing tips say the beginning of calcium def but that wont cause curling.
    That looks more like drooping rather than curling to me other than the close up of that one leaf. Drooping that looks like that is typically over watering. You say the top 2in is dry why you feed but depending on pot size the bottom half could still be saturated and eventually lead to fungal problems and root rot

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  11. These pics were taken when it's lights out. Since this is my first grow, I don't know if that's normal but they're always droopy when the lights are off. Once they come on, they'll perk right up within an hour. I don't think I'm overwatering them. I water each plant until there is a little bit of runoff. I always pick the plant up to check the weight and they'll sometimes droop a little when they're thirsty. As soon as I water them, they start perking up.
  12. Hmmm... If you're sure its not over watered, your ph in and run off seem ok. You seem sure its not due to abundance or toxic substances. So my next question is how old is she, and what size pot. The beginning of getting root bound can cause both curling and drooping. Upon lights out you are correct and they will droop a bit, but thats usually due to the temp swing. But if you're taking pics at lights out I'm assuming the temp hasnt had a chance to drop. Let me tag someone and see if they can give us a hand with this diagnoses.


    Hopefully saying his name will notify him but I'll shoot him a message as well

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  13. How tall are u plants? And how much do u water them ?

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  14. The temp does not swing much. 5-10 degrees at most. The humidity can swing 10-15% though. The plants are in 3 gallon pots. They are about 5 weeks old. I transplanted them from 1 gallon containers about 2 weeks ago. When I pulled them out, there was barely any roots showing. I'll take pics tonight to show you how they perk up.
  15. I'm agreeing with u on all this that's why I asked how tall is plant if it ain't root bound he's over watering them

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  16. Two of the plants are about 17" and one is about 21". I water each plant about half a gallon or until there is a bit of runoff. The plants have shown no sign of stunted growth since the clawing begun. They've grown about 6-10" in a week.
  17. Whats humidity like ? Cause doesn't sound like root bound I honestly think ur over watering them ... if u didn't add perlite to that FF than it doesn't have enough on its on for drainage on fabric pots especially like she said ur bottom dirt is retaining water ..

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  18. I was leaning toward over watering as well just didnt want to push the issue without a second opinion

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  19. Damn, I keep reading a lot of conflicting info. Haha. I've read quite a few grows where people used FF straight and had no draining issues. I've also read that Smart Pots aerate better than regular pots. It seems like it's not the nutes so I'll start them up again this weekend. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be spreading or getting worse...

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