Whats wrong with my plants - Stunted growth

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  1. These plants are about 9 weeks old, and strangely only one of them started growing (6in), the rest are all 3-4inches

    I suspect rooting issues, the plants have been in those pots for a month and I don't see any roots when I move the Coco around.

    Some information on the grow:
    • I started these plants from seeds given to me (I don't know the strain). Not all leaves look the same, although I'm certain they are from the same batch...
    • They are grown outdoors in COCO (16 degrees at night and 28 in the day) - I was going to purchase an indoor system when they get too big, but they never grew.
    • Experimented with PH from 5.5-6.1, they seem to like around 5.6-5.8ph (not higher).
    • I water not more than once a day - If I water more, the leaves droop (over watering).
    • Using Eurohydro - Flora series nutrients (link to product site)- The recommended concentration from the manufacturer seems to burn the plants [See application chart at the link here (link is safe, its just a screen shot): I'm using about half strength and 550-650ppm concentration (the plants don't seem to like more than that).

    Attached pictures:
    • Notice that the biggest plant started flowering but its not bigger than 6in (see pics)
    • When I look in the soil, it looks like the root growth is very slow. The roots haven't grown into the COCO much. I added a root nutrient, but no change.

    Any ideas that could help an aspiring beginner?

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  2. My bet is that the temp. drop is way to much, max 10 degrees difference.
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  3. As EsNero said that is a big temperature drop, and something like that isn't at all good. A plant, really any plant, uses the light cycle to store light energy, nutrients, and water to use during the light off cycle to build cellular structure. Yes plants also grow during the light cycle but during that period they spend little time building cellular structure. So when the lights go off and the temperature dips to greatly a plant will use every bit of the energy it has stored up during the light cycle to protect the cellular structure that it has already created, and because of that, plant growth will slow or sometimes completely stall, or even worse things can happen, like the plant dying because it didn't have enough energy to protect it's existing cellular structure. If I were you, I would cover them with a box at night until they grown old enough to have enough fan leaves, thus allowing them to store enough energy to handle those large temperature drops and still be able to build some new cellular structure.
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  4. You know, I've been messing around with these for about 5 years now and the one thing I've learned in all that time is that these things are like children and each one is different. It could be a myriad of things. The other two look very healthy though small, so this one could've picked up some sort of fungus which impeded root development or some other weird thing to do this to it. I feel like your extreme temps have had an affect on the lack of growth you've gotten to this point. Extremely cool temps won't kill them necessarily, but they'll grow much more vigorously in warmer temps. Don't know if you started the seeds off in those containers or not, but the larger the container size you start the new seedling out in, the longer you're going to have to wait for foliage growth as the plant immediately goes about creating it's root system after it sprouts and doesn't do much in the way of foliage growth until it's finished rooting in. So the larger the container it has to root into, the longer it takes it to get going above ground. It works best to start them out in something small, like a Solo cup, and up pot a size once the plant is as tall and wide as the container it's in. This is generally a good indicator that the plant is slightly root bound in the current container, which is what you're looking for before a repot. Use this method to get the plant into the container you plan to flower in and then have at it. The mix you're growing in there doesn't look like it would be that great and if it were me, I would put them in a good grow soil as it's much easier to work with and is generally less work to the grower. It will feed your plants for you and with every repot, you get a fresh batch of nutes in the soil which makes having to feed your plants less of an issue throughout much of the veg cycle. We generally don't have to introduce nutes until a couple of weeks before they go into flower because of the way we pot them along the way. But that's just my opinion and we all have those. Since you have two that look good and only the one is wonky, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I take around 30 to 40 clones every 5-6 weeks. I end up taking the best 25 or so to grow off and tossing the others because out of say 40, you'll have quite a few who just don't do as well as the others. Taking a bunch extra lets me weed out the weaker ones and continue on with only the best. They should be getting to the point now where they'll start showing sex and they shouldn't be flowering yet unless your hours of light have been down to 12. I don't know. If they don't straighten out, start over with some new seeds. The more you grow, the more you know and the better you get at it. It's definitely a bit more complicated than tossing some seeds in some dirt and waiting for the magic to happen. Get on the new grower threads here on the forum and read up on the basics of growing these things. But I would make a commitment to either doing inside or outside since mixing the two isn't a great way to do it. Good luck! TWW
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  5. Fantastic! Many many thanks for your time!!!! We have had quite a few rainy days, with dips in temperature especially earlier on. Its going to get real hot soon, so I guess it can only get better from here.
  6. Great feedback, yes every one of these plants react differently to increased nutrients, PH changes etc which can be extremely confusing when not focused on individual plants.... I think they even prefer different background music ;-) (Playing around)

    My ultimate goal is to setup an indoor grow, but the expense and 600w electricity consumption has left me procrastinating. BUT, from what you said here, it looks like its time to get the right equipment. I'll wait until these are root bound (I see roots starting to appear out the bottom of the pots), and then mix in some soil.

    Being springtime, daylight has just reached 12 hours a day. Putting them indoors with a light for longer light cycles and warmer temps sounds like the solution (although point taken that I should not mix indoor and outdoor next time round).

    I'm so absolutely appreciative of the time you took to assist me. I might have been fiddling with nutes and ph to the point of frustration.

    What is a good site to order Sativa feminised seeds for the next batch?

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