What's wrong with my plants? Nute burn or heat stress?

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    Hi everybody! I'm a total newbie trying to grow these purple glam babies. I just don't not what am i doing wrong here.. The thing is it's literally burning hell outside where i live and the temp in tent goes up to 32'C degrees. Is this heat stress? Any ideas on whats going on?

    23"x23"60" tent
    250W HPS light
    Lightmix soil
    For first 2 weeks i fed them with plain water and 3rd week which is now i gave them 2ml/1L canna terra vega


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  2. Low in nitrogen possibly what's your ppm when you feed

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  3. 2ml per liter. Didn't wanna overfeed them. Is this the problem?

    Edit: Also i forgot to mention on my post that i've cut down the lower leaves which were completely f'ed up. You can see them laying on the soil in 2nd pic
  4. How close is your light? It should be 24inches from the top

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  5. 32c 89f temps are unacceptable you need above 70f below 80 f

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  6. It's 23∿24 inches from the top.

    I don't think it's possible to lower the temp at the moment with more ventilation or smth because of financial issues. Is there any more wallet friendly ways to do it?
  7. Do you have a fan can you keep your house ac unit on a lower setting your dancing with the devil with the heat man need to figure out away to cool it down afew degrees constant breeze will help alot I would say try try again tell you figure out a plan to fix it I don't know how your tent or house are set up I have a ac unit in my tent keeping it exactly 72-77 even on the hottest of days

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  8. Update: Turns out that i was reading the wrong temperature the whole time. Found a little button on backside off my thermometer says in/out. It was 32~33C degreed outside but 23C degrees inside the tent. So i'm not having heat stress here i guess.

    Took another close picture. Any ideas which deficiency this is? Middle of the new top leaves are yellowing and browning too..

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