Whats wrong with my plants?? can somebody help please?

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  1. Hello guys,
    i'm having some problems with some plants in my garden,
    I'm on the second week flowering, growing organic and in soil
    (however i used cal mag in the last 2 weeks) thinking it could be a mag problem
    im giving 1.4 ec of nutes ( half grow/ half bloom) , liquid guano and sea weed and my water ph is always between 6 and 6.5.
    since the plants start flowering, some of them started to show some yellowing of the leaves , mainly fan leaves.
    ill put together some pics,,, can anybody point me on the right direction???

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  2. sounds a little heavy on the nutes
  3. Thanks Joe,,,, but the brown parts are more in the middle and edges of the leaves,,, shouldn't be the tips of the leaves showing nutrient burn first??? i believe it could also be that since the problem started when i increased the nutes... thanks for reply
  4. nutrient burn just messes the plant up and it tries to get rid of the excess nutes any way it can, starting with the fan leaves.
    how well does the weeds grow in your garden without nutes ?
  5. How's your ph? THat looks like a cal/mag deficiency to me. If your ph is off it can interrupt the plants ability to pull calcium out of the soil.
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  6. It's normal for the fans to start to yellow up as the plant goes into flower. I never pay much attention to the process other than to pull those leafs off and watch to make sure the yellowness doesn't spread to smaller leaves farther up the plant. If it does I'll offer a watering with more N or a micro-nute package and see if things right.

    Sometimes it's just genetics. I have one plant that...try as I might...has >something< going on deficiency wise. It's received the same feed/care as the rest of the herd...but she just is "off". Such is life....

    good luck with yer grow
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    Sorry for the double post
  8. [​IMG]

    That looks like a classic ph and cal/mag issue to me. Not just yellowing because it's in flower.
  9. Yer probably right hamjack. My bad for not looking at all of the pics.

    I'd lean to pH cus they are already hitting it with cal-mag. If the pH is off...that application may not do anything. (but complicate things)

    hope ya figure it out soon gonza
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