Whats wrong with my plant?

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  1. My leaves are starting to get burned...I dont understand how.. i've been very careful with the nutrients ive been giving it.

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  2. Well, obviously its been more than they could handle, especially with a younger plant. Flush them out, using 3 times the amount of water as your pot size (example: use 3 gals water to flush out a 1 gal pot) and let them dry out for a few days. This will help blow out the excess nutes and salts. Start back adding your nutes at 1/3 the recommended strength, and gradually work up. Remember, its always better to error on the low side. Going overboard with nutes and over-watering are the two biggest causes of plant problems that growers face.
  3. Need to see the whole plant...
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    The whole plant other than these few leaves is very healthy, and im following a schedule that was given to me by someone who grows insane bud...I flushed not too long ago...but i guess im flushing again lol

    - its an OG Kush clone from a club which ive never bought clones from before so idk how good it is. Its in its first week of flower and im using cutting edge nutrients.

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