whats wrong with my plant?

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  1. I need help figuring out what is wrong with my plant.The lower leaves look like they are dying. Im wanting to say that i think it may be heat related? It has only effected the first 2 leaves the plant produced; however they are getting worse.

    Strain: Hawaiian snow
    pH: 6.4
    temp: 86*f
    r. humidity: 46%
    soil - fox farm ocean forest
    24/7 light schedule
    lighting: 216w T5

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  2. u left water on the leaf the last time u watered it, it acts like a magnefying glass whean the lights are on just leaf it alone and when the canopy comes u will hardley notice it, i did the same as u once before just be careful the next time you water them
  3. could be an issue with your fox farm. are you using nutes? check your run off and see what your at.

    salt build up? give it a good flush
  4. I'll make sure to keep an eye out for that thanks!
    I'm currently not using any nutes, was wanting to wait a week or so before I started to feed it.

    It's funny you mentioned the salt. It seemed like salt was literally building up on the spots of the leaves before they started turning brown. I wiped the stuff off the leaves butt the damage still is there.
  5. last watering when i checked the run off it was 6.4
  6. give it a good flush and cut off the part thats damaged. see if it continues and if it does you need to give it nutes soon. could be a deficiency.
  7. Thanks mj, cut off the damaged leaves and flushed it

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