Whats wrong with my plant?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Dr Pepper, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Its in miracle grow soil, the kind that has built in plant food (the potting soil mix)
    The oldest leaves have started dying. I also have 3 other seedlings with maybe 8 leaves, and they are also beginning to lose their cotyledons and probably next their first true leaves. Help?


  2. It has been raining frequenty, i have the plant outside in a 2-3 gallon pot, he's small so i doubt its a rooting problem. PH?
  3. Seedlings and nutes don't get along. Seeds have enough nutes to last 2-3 weeks. I don't like pre nute slow release. You can't even flush it out.

  4. So your saying just gotta wait till they're own nutes run out?
    He's been alive for almost a month, this dead stuff is relatively new, i was thinking it might be due to ph issues but i'm wondering where i should get a tester from along with booster/dropper.
  5. Get them out of that miracle grow soil and transplant, it has timed released nutes, which your young plants don't need, it's killing them.
  6. Wont it like kill them if i pull them out wiuth no soi?
    Also, when others use miracle grow, do they only do it later in the life, nearer to flowering, or simply start with it?
  7. MG = dead plants. try to find something organic with very little nutes
  8. So it wont hurt them if i transplant them, removing the soil from the roots?
    Or should i just leave a little ball of soil on?
  9. They still suffering? MG and pot don't go well together.

    You can wash very gently roots and place in new soil. I use a peat/vermiculite/perlite/lime mix and rely on Cha Ching to do the rest.
  10. Ok, so i finally took action, and got 3 potting soils and Perlite. The soils are all organic, one a natural potting soil, one a MG organic potting soil, and another MG organic Ground soil. None have added nutes, except whats in them from compost etc.

    I added 1 part of each in the mixture, and got all 4 plants transplanted (the one from picture and 3 other tiny ones).

    I dont really expect them all to live since i took most of the soil from the roots by dousing it thoroughly in water then replanting.

    After that i put like 3 gallons of water and used 1 tbs of a 5-1-1 fish crap fertilizer because i read it could help them get situated. Only time can tell now, but i'll update and let ya'll know how they hold up.
  11. Hope all goes well. Weed will amaze. It is a weed.
  12. Well they werent dead today, although the 1st pair of real leaves with 3 leaves died (you can see in the picture how its almost dead), and the next one looks a little messed up but i'm hoping it will snap out of it.

    Will this loss like screw up yields a bunch or anything? Not that i really care, this is more of an experiment that anything.
  13. Not if you give them plenty veg time to come back.

    This is just a temporary set back at this point in the grow.
  14. are they too wet?
    that soil holds a lot of water especially the moisture controll mix...
  15. It wasnt moisture control.
    Right now they arent looking great, i'll get a picture.
  16. Ok, so here are some pics. 3 of of the main plant, one of the smaller looking little ones. Remember, i transplanted them 2 days ago. And the roots were basically in a straight line, maybe even like bunched when i put the plants in.

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  17. let them rest this week, feed em next week and they will be fine
  18. Also, why do i only see 3 blades leaves instead of like 5 7 or 9?
  19. thats normal, as the plant ages it will add leaves in pairs

    & there are abnormal plants, I have one strain that stays in 3 leaf mode while in flower
  20. Well they plants dont seem to be improving much.
    I planted 4 more plants:
    One in the same mix
    One in 1/4 perlite 3/4 mg potting (organic)
    One in 1/4 perlite 3/4 mg garden soil (organic)
    One in 1/4 perlite 3/4 normal potting soil

    Lets see what the problem is.

    By the way, thats 2 sets of dead multi-pronged leaves, as well as the 1st fan leaves.

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