whats wrong with my plant

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  1. so this is my first grow and i dont know what im doing wrong. im growing indoors in a grow box i made out of an old cupboard with a 300w light. the tips of the leaves are turning brown and curling up and some of the leave look a slightly darker shade of green.

    thanks for your help

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  2. Nutrient burn. Those orange tips of oeavs are the sign. Also the crispy leavs below.
  3. You have a Potassium deficiency my friend, either caused by lockout from a salt build-up or not enough K...

    But regular light is what you need to post your picture's in.
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  4. More than likely a combination of nutrient burn (too much nitrogen) potassium deficiency.
  5. sorry about that. here are some better pictures. also this is the fertalizer ive been useing it was just what was in the shed. ive seen all thos liquid nutrient things but they seem expensive do you know of a cheaper way to go about it doesnt have to be fancy just so long as my plant is healthy

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  6. So potassium deficiency begins with nutrient burn. Once you get nutrient burn your plants will stop taking in nutrients which then usually causes first potassium defficiency. More than likely because your plant is getting too much nitrogen.
  7. so if i just leave it for a while it should go back to normal then?
  8. Yep. You probably notice your soil is staying wet if hydro roots are not taking in water. Your plant is in stress. Leave it the fuck alone. When it drys out just give it straight water a couple runs.
  9. cool thanks for the help
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  10. Too much nitrogen as well.

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