What's wrong with my plant ?

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  1. I have a small plant a few weeks old and I noticed a few burnt looking parts on the plant and It also looks slightly wilted I feel like it might be a cal deff and I was wondering what you guys think it could be and what can be done to fix it. Thanks in advanced

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  2. calcium deficiency due to the soil ph being to low check the runoff ph and adjust.below is a pic of your symptoms exactly .
    GFP [​IMG]

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  3. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Thank you so much for confirming that it is a calcium deficiency but what do I use to check the ppm and ph I'm new to growing and im starting with three plants to see how it goes. Also what organic nutrients do you recommend for veg stage ?
  5. a ph pen Dude to measure the ph and an ec pen to measure the nutrient level...they both look kinda like thermometers ..they come with instructions...get on you tube and learn about ph'ing your water man....no idea how you start growing and have no clue about that..

    but know what calcium deficiency is or might be.


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  6. Might want to be careful here because the youngest growth looks fine imo. And when I need cal my leaves usally don't funkly curl like ur older growth shows. That to me says too much food in the beginning and then it started to fix itself after it developed more.

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  7. @Salfal - plants that small rarely if EVER get deficiencies - hell, you shouldn't even be using nutrients for a couple more weeks.

    Does your soil drain well?

  8. The soil
    So I shouldn't be using any nutes at all yet ? I thought I was a cal deff so I gave it mag cal. the soil drains fine In using one of those fabric smart pots.
  9. You don't even have a full set of leaves yet. The very most you should be using is quarter strength and even then it's not necessary at this point.

    IMO the word deficiency gets tossed around too much in soil gardens.

    Exactly what kind of soil is it growing in?

    What is your water source?

  10. sorry Jay I can't resist ....HOW does his plant NOT have a full set of leaves....and HOW would it not be "eligible" to a calcium deficiency?


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  11. Because a seed of almost any kind of plant contains food reserves and which is usually more than enough for the first several weeks of life.

    This is why many people eat seed sprouts - because they're nutritional powerhouses.

    "What makes sprouts nutritious?
    Sprouts are very nutritious, as they contain all the elements that a plant needs for life and growth. The simple process of sprouting brings out many enzymes in germinated seeds, legumes, and grains, making them easier to digest. It also increases the amounts and bioavailability of protein, vitamins and minerals, transforming them into nutrition powerhouses. Overall, sprouts provide excellent quality nutrients and, by weight, are the rich sources of an array of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants."

    Throw any kind of a decent soil whatsoever into the mix, and then adding more fertilizers at that young of an age is simply unnecessary.

    OP should have to be growing in a completely inert medium to get an element deficiency at that age and I still don't see it happening.

  12. I can imagine you saying this with a Stephen hawking voice ...sitting in a pimped out wheelchair ....



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  13. Correct. I'm in a wheelchair.

  14. Guys stop fighting about this everyone has their own input all I'm asking for is some help for a new Grower. Currently I'm growing in fox farms soil and I'm using tap water. I made compost tea and gave it to the seedling however I stoped using it and I'm just going to switch to normal tap water. I might dechlorinate it. What should the ph be for a soil grow ?

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  15. Another thing do you guys do LST FIMing or any of those methods / which do you recommend for a first time grower

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  16. I like a mixture of topping and LST and the occasional supercropping branches during stretch. My first grow I done LST only and it went fine though.

    Grow journal
  17. jerry is correct.

    In soil, you do not need to add nutrients when the plant is still young. The plant will use and process the natural nutrients in the soil.

    In fact, in Deep Water Culture (DWC), I don't add nutrients to my reservoir until the third or fourth week (for first few weeks, only vitamin B and liquid seaweed).

    However, that being said, the picture you sent does in fact look like a calcium deficiency. But, based on the information you provided, like the fact that you added nutrients, I would just water with plain water for the next couple of waterings and see how the new leaves look.

    Good luck,

  18. Low stress is best way to start IMO. I learned by using fishing weights and by the end of my lst fixation i actually lst a clone into a figure four. It's amazing to see how a little low stress from small fishing weight on the plant in one area changes where it's spending it's energies. And you can add and subtract weight easily.

    FIM is the last one I would try being a little blade considering the experience of identification of plant parts is kind of the key. After one or two times under your belt you will be much happier with the results.

    Netting is another way to increase colas with little to no experience needed. Maybe this is the scrog people named.

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