Whats Wrong With My Plant?

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  1. About a week and a half ago i put this auto plant into a hole in my garden with some soil, then after a few days it started going yellow and the leaves started curling up, so i just put it back in a put hoping that it will get better. Anyone know whats wrong with it?

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  2. what kind of soil?
  3. looks like nute burn to me, did u plant it in a hot soil?
  4. Regular potting soil from gardening shop, watering about 3/4 of a liter every 3 or so days, 25 degrees Celsius in the day, and at night 15 degrees Celsius, outdoor.
  5. Your day and night temps aren't bad but from what I read is that auto don't like to be transplanted and that its recommended to start them off in the same pot your going to finish in. post the name or pic of the soil your using? Your plants look like they got nute burn.

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    In the link below is some info I found on your soil. It has slow release nutes in it. In the pics it looks like your little plants got nute burn. Nute burn will start at the leaf tips and work its way in. Not a big fan of soils with time release or slow release nutes in them. They can burn small plants and or cause soil PH problems. One option would be to try and flush the slow release nutes out by doing a soil flush and that's where you take your pot size for example a 1 gallon pot and water with 3 gallons of water PH`d at 6.5. Since from what I`ve read numerous times that autos don't like to be transplanted that may be your best option or if you want to take the chance and retransplant it try to find some good organic soil that is good for seedlings or young plants.
    (High quality universal potting soil. Its special combination of root activator AGROSIL®, quality peat and PERLITE volcanic stones forms a favorable basis for the healthy growth of all kinds of plants. The added slow release fertilizer - with all main and micro nutrients - provides balanced plant nutrition for approximately 4 - 6 weeks.)
  8. Thanks a lot, i just bought some new soil for my other plants, the pic is below, is this soil any good? Thanks for the reply!

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  9. Look to se eif its got any slow release or time release nutes in it. Where I live most cheap prebagged soils have either slow release or time release nutes in them.

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