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whats wrong with my plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by discostud, Dec 21, 2012.

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    hi i was wondering if someone can tell me whats wrong with my plant. there is a few leaves that is turning a little yellow from the center of the leaf.. this is my first grow. i ph the water to 6.5 everytime i water. its about 2 feet tall now in a 5 gallon pot.nuted it a couple times, ppm was about 400. using general hydroponics. is it too salty? It is still drinking water at the moment. I sprayed it a couple times with milk and water to manage a powdery mold problem also. i am growing with 1000w super hps the light is about 2 feet away from the plant. Any of your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Interveinal cholorosis is the first stage of magnesium deficiency.

    CalMag or an Epsom salt solution should correct the deficiency.
  3. Also, that upward curl to the leaf heat stress. What's your temp? How close are your lights?
  4. Thanks for the reply:) the room temp is about 22 or 23 degrees Celsius. And the light is 1000w super hps. It's about 1.5 feet away from the plant . Can I buy Epsom salt at the gardening store? How do I apply it? Do I foliar spay it?
  5. So the general hydroponic grow bloom and micro is not enough nutrients for the plant when it's at 400ppm? I fed it 2 days ago and noticed the leaves changing color last night. I thought maybe I been feeding it too much and the dirt was getting too salty. The plant is still taking up the water though
  6. You can buy epsom salt at the grocery store. Apply 1 tablespoon per gallon.

    Is you lamp vented and do you have a fan blowing excess heat off the leaves?
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    For that size 400ppm is probably a little low, but if it was a nitrogen deficiency the leafs turn evenly yellow starting at the tips and working back to the stalk in a gradient, not mottled like yours are.
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    They look to be getting enough nitrogen, just not enough Mg...

    The ratio looks good on the GH labels, you might want to use CalMag instead and boost them both at the same time so you don't put too much Mg in the system. Or bump up feeding to 600ppm for a week and see if you get improvement.
  9. Thanks for the advice my friend:) I will give that a try:)
  10. Can I give cal mag as a foliar spray?
  11. The label doesn't give foliar.directions so I would just use it as directed.
  12. Could be overwatering since you have wrinkly leaves..whats your humidity been?

  13. I don't know the humidity... I don't have a meter for that, but if feels pretty stuffy in the room, I always water when the container feels light...does humidity effect the leaves?
  14. It can cause your soil to stay wet longer and cause overwatering..also the plant doesnt perspire as much so it also doesnt drink as much..also causes your powdery mildew but either way i would get a dehumidifier in there or some dryer air from somewhere else..your plants dont look too bad though its prob not overwatering if the pots dry out enough then i would also say 400 might be low id up it and see how it does
  15. Thanks for the advice, I will up the ppm to 600 and how it responds:)

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