whats wrong with my plant(s)??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mr.niceguy619, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. i put my seeds in the dirt on easter sunday (16th) about a week later the seeds have sprouted (10 lil plants) during that time i had the plants under to cfls 75 watt lights (about 18 hours/day) and a fan on most of the time. yesterday i "created my grow room" which has:

    -a light timer (18/6)
    - fan (how long should i have this running?)
    -4 lights @ 100 watts(cfls)
    -1 light @ 45 watts(cfls)
    -10 4 gal. buckets (each plant was transferd into it's own bucket, yesterday)

    well a few of the plants were tall and they'd sway towards the light (lack of light)....so 1 plant was almost falling over:(

    when i transplanted them yesterday....i 1st put the plants in those "jiffy grow pots" and then put that into the bigger pots with new organic soil (i made sure there were no ferts). i read on here to put the plants in like a "horse shoe"(under the dirt, so the leaves are just above ground). i looked last night and 1 plant fell over!!! (can this be fixed?? or just let it go??) and also the most leaves my plants have is 4 (i've seen alot of other plants w/more leaves than mine, with the same grow time) why are my plants growing so slow:(
  2. well the soil is still real soft, so i was wondering....can i bury the part of the stem(that is layin on the dirt) so the leaves are just above the soil??? i need help i dont want the plant to die!!!! also could the plant be going thru shock??
  3. Jiffy pots are not great. The roots can grow through them. Also, keep your fan on 24/7. Hopefully if you can rotate te plant so that it gets blown in all directions from the fan, it will strengthen up and stand tall.
  4. and, yes, you can bury it up to the first set of leaves.

  5. ya you only put the jiffy pots into soil because they disintagrate. do not use them by them self like he said.

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