Whats wrong with my plant? pics included

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  1. my plant was recently forced back inside for fear of rippers, and i noticed that it had all kinds of brown spots on some of the leaves. What is this? sorry for the poor picture quality. i'll definitely try to get better ones later.

    Oh! it's in a 5 gallon bucket now filled with dirt from my backyard. the plant stands about 3 1/2 feet without the bucket. it's been outside from about mid-June until two days ago. it looks nice and healthy except for these few leaves that are in now specific spot on the plant.

    Any answers, suggestions, and constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks.

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  2. Always include whole-plant pics for solid diagnoses. Pics showing the tops from above are often helpful as well.

    Check your soil pH. Get some pure water and test its pH. Water thoroughly and wait at least an hour before pressing on the soil and squeezing some water out to test.

    It probably needs more Phosphorus in addition to any other problems.
  3. Ph probably. But its probably lacking the big P cause of the dark leave spots eating away at the plants flesh. Sucks. Give it a nice 1/4 strength dose if some 20/20/20 nutes. Unless your flowering then give it only P and K.
  4. the ph wasn't too bad in the upper 6's. like 6.8 ish...but my dad gave it some nutes last night, i'll get better pictures of our rigged up indoor system and the plants lol
  5. i am fully aware that my system i have up at the moment is far from being up to par to what it should be, but keep in mind that this was completely a last minute, desperate decision. The plant was literally brought in two days ago with another. They had to be brought in because of the threat of rippers. sad thing is i think it's my own family....but anyway, i had one plant get stomped, one get its stem broke, and then the other it looked like someone had just taken little branches off of it to smoke early on or something. so these had to be brought in. they are in dirt from my own garden, the only nutes i have available are miracle grow, and i have nothing but fluorescent lights.

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  6. same thing happened to mine, only just on the bottom leaves
  7. How are you testing soil pH?

    If the soil pH is in fact fine, they just need more food in general.
  8. yeah i'm thinking they need more food. i did test the ph and they were both in the 6 range. while they were outside they didn't get fed nearly enough, but that was also because of the crazy ass neighbors....i have noticed that all new growth on them both is very nice and healthy looking.

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