Whats wrong with my plant? (noob dro setup)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by w1cked rebel, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I'm using an indoor setup but this is my first with hydro/bubbleponics. I have 3 plants going and one of them almost seems sick? Its been 4 weeks and the other two are growing fine. Some of the leaves on this one are dimented and odd looking and I noticed the roots were a little brown. There's brown stuff on the net pot too. I know its getting enough air/bubbles because the other two plants have the same configuration and are growing perfect.:confused_2:

    My guess is its contamination that started bacteria or fungus growth because of the dark and wet conditions. Is this saveable if i just clean the net pot and nutrient reservoir? Or do i need to buy some kind of water additive too?
  2. Heres some pics


  3. These are what you should be using. Not a cup with one single hole.


    I made this mistake back in my noob days.

    If you want to grow hydroponically, the easiest method is a "hempy bucket"

    net pot - Google Search
  4. Wait, is that fish gravel you're using instead of hydroton?

    Man, you have some research to do. (no offense)
  5. Woops...now i feel stupid :smoking:. 1.) I guess i shouldn't have skimped on the net pots. and 2.) I guess i didnt research enough :hide:. At least i figured this out now before these plants came to a grinding and epic fail right? haha

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