What's Wrong with my Plant? (Can't Identify)

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What is wrong?

  1. Nutrient Difficency

  2. Nutrient Burn

  3. Over Watering

  4. Under Watering

  5. Lighting Issue

  6. Temperature/Humidity Issue

  7. Other (Please Post Response)

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  1. What's up with this plant? I am a new grower, so this makes it harder for me to identify what is wrong. I have attached pics as well.

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  2. You're sure not giving us a lot to go on here. Add some more info to the post and let us know how you are actually growing these plants: How do you determine when to water/watering habits. Are you giving nutes yet? Age of the plant? pH management of all liquids going into your plants? What kind of soil are you growing in? It's also good to give us pics of the whole plant in normal lighting...not hps or LED, so we can get an idea of how the overall plant looks. You judge the health of a plant by what the new growth looks like. If your new growth is good, then this is probably nothing too serious. If it's occurring on new growth, then something is out of whack and needs to be adjusted. Your plants look too green to me which speaks of nitrogen overload. If you're using an amended over the counter soil, it came loaded with slow release fertilizers...even if it might have said organic on the bag. Go to the new grower threads here on the forum and do some reading. There are several posts there just for the new grower who isn't aware of the basics. Put as much time into learning the process as you did figuring out the setup you were going to grow with. Most new growers don't bother to do that and then they plant seeds and find themselves lost. Information is your friend when first starting out. If you don't know and understand the basics of growing this plant indoors under artificial light, you'll have a real hard time of it. Good luck! TWW
  3. The pics are in natural light with the grow lights off (Im growing in a space bucket setup). Also the soil Im using is Fox Farms Ocean Forest. I water when the soil feels dry about knuckle deep, but Im not using nutes yet. The symptoms you see from the pics are on every leaf. The plant only two weeks old.
  4. Here is a pic of the whole plant.

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  5. I have a plant doing the same thing has nothing different from my other plants it is a bag see but still growing healthy I'm thinking it is either shitty genetics or maybe splashed something on the and they are bleached idk he's pics of mine throughout its life so far [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. Never got a response so idk if your are still have this issue but I flushed my plant and she has been loving life starting to gain all of the color back in the leave I also did a lot of defoliation to here last week. feel free to check out my journal on the rest of the girls! [​IMG]

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