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Whats wrong with my joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TurtleWeekend, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Those are the papers i used


    and heres the before roll


    heres when its done, it doesnt look horrible but its very squishy and not stiff or tight.. i even used the card method.

    thats showing you how flimsy and squishy it is. what am i doing wrong?
  2. You're using like no weed. Do you really expect to roll a nice tight joint with that little amount of weed?
  3. dont use the card wont get a tight roll...just freehand it. tuck it, then pull it down to get it tighter:smoke:
  4. More weed, its too loose

  5. this too...even though it is possible to roll a tight one with like no weed (I've done it plenty of times...)
  6. i mean ive tried freehanding, and its not cone shaped at all the roach messes me up and it gets all wrinkled.
  7. Use more weed.
  8. use a crutch, freehand.

    Not too hard, i put the crutch in afterwards.
  9. Put some tobacco in it, if you don't mind, and it will roll tighter. Mix it around first. Nice old spliffs.
  10. insert more dirty green/brown shake :devious:
  11. Thissss

    Spliffs are great, you use less weed and get a fatter roll xD
  12. If you REALLY can't roll, then get something big enough around that is about the roundness you want, and roll it around a pencil.

    then pack your weed into it.:hello:

    or just buy a bowl:smoke:
  13. oh wow the pencil thing worked great. i feel like a noob, but whatever ill just pre roll all my joints until i get better at it. thanks :smoke:

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