Whats wrong with my girls?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SpeedDemon4, Oct 6, 2010.

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    400 WHPS
    Botanicare nutes
    MG soil
    85 Degrees
    I changed the light cycle on Sept 23. It looks like to much N to me but can yall help me? What needs to be done?

  2. Youre right dude - N overload.

    If u can get the temp down to around 75
    degrees, it will also help.

  3. Sorry man - u also asked what to do...

    Just noticed your using MG soil. It runs quite hot for young plants,
    so give it a real good flush. It has timed-release nutes already in it.

    Cut back on the nute dosage for a litle bit, and then ease on into
    it again.

    Remember that temp.

  4. I am picking up an exhaust fan and scrubber this week to help with odor and temperature. So should I just lay off the N for a little bit and they will perk up?
  5. U betcha !!!

  6. I agree Freakbro good advice, Bain420 are you taking your temp reading at the base of the plant as pictured? If so thats not a good idea man especially in a closed enviornment indoor grow with hid lights. Your temp reading should be taken at the top of the plant where it can be markedly higher, as much as 10-20degrees depending on how close the light is. The top of your leaves show heat stress and I'd guess your temps there have been around 90-95+ degrees up there if your temps at the base of the stem have been around 85 degrees. Peace:smoke:
  7. Thank you Jinn that is a good point. I will get the temp reading from up higher. Hopefully the exhaust fan will help to keep temps down a little bit.
  8. No problem dude and try spraying the leaves down with some plain bottled water(tap water=chlorine=:() that will flush the leaves out. Just don't spray em with the hid light on otherwise the leaves could get burnt. Peace:smoke:
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