Whats wrong with my girls?

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  1. Hi.
    Does anyone know if im starting to get a problem with my girls?
    Im growing in dwc buckets indoor. Topped the plants late, and had them in vegetative state for too long, so they are huge. We used scrog.
    This is three plants growing in the 4 bucket system.
    Ph is 5.8-5.9, EC is 1.9 at the moment. Water temp is 19.8°C (we use a chiller) and the room temp is around 25-27 °C. The girls are in the beginning of week 6 flowering.

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  2. Im conserned about the leaves on some of the colas curling in and some bending down, aswell as the yellow tips on leaves. May be due to heat stress, but afraid it might be nitrogen toxicty
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  3. Looks very similar to wind burn... Yes, it's a thing, I've done it by accident by placing a weak-is fan too close to my plant... So a strong fan could affect it from further away.

    Heat stress makes more sense though because the colas look like they're at the top of you grow space, where the hottest air usually is.

    I have no experience with nitrogen toxicity so I can't comment on that... Hope this helps

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  4. to me the clawing of the leaves looks like to much nitrogen in feeding ,,,,mac,,
  5. Would it result in just the leaves on the colas clawing or all of them though?.. For my education, lol.

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  6. clawing can be in all the leaves as far as i know mate ,,,luk any how with your grow ,,mac,,
    ps - what light/s are you using your kolas look a bit sparse ,think you might need a maybe a bigger lamp/light for flowering ,,mac,
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  7. Thanks bro

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