Whats wrong with my comp?

Discussion in 'General' started by LonerStoner, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. 2 days ago my computer shut down for no reason. i was just playing a game and it turned off. 5- 10 minutes after i turn it on again it goes off again. Do i have a virus or can it be something else. My comp will shut down anytime now so i have to finish this up

  2. Hmm.... Well this could be from a few things...Firstly, provide the information already requested and it will make it eaiser for us to help you. Now...

    1. Do you run any peer to peer software?

    2. Do you have current AV definitions?

    3. Are you running any type of firewall?

    4. Are you up to date on all your Windows security and bug patches?
  3. Its an E Machine, 1.60ghz processor, 256 mb. Yeah i use Bearshare to get music. I dont have a firewall and i know i should, im not up to date on the windows thing. It might be overheating cause its getting to be 95 F here.
  4. Also when i turn it back on the colors are alot brighter. i dont know if that has any connection with it turning off though

  5. First thing first is to update your AV definitions. Run a complete scan of your drive.

    Next, run your Windows Update. Apply any critical patches, especially the MS03-026 patch. This is a new bug that will be exploited in a hurry.

    On July 16, Microsoft announced that a group called the Last Stage of Delirium (LSD) had found a humdinger of a bug. If someone writes a hostile program that exploits this bug -- some worm, trojan or the like -- then that program could cause your computer to do pretty much whatever you wanted it to. And you should expect that hostile program any day now -- a Chinese hacker group -- oops, I meant "a non-profit research organization" called Xfocus (www.xfocus.org) has already written and published a "proof of concept" program that exploits MS03-026's bug. Unfortunately Xfocus's work has greatly sped things along for dirtbags everwhere.

    Worse yet, the bug applies to NT 4, Windows 2000, XP, and even Windows Server 2003.

    The bug works through port 135. Ah, you might be thinking, no problem ... I have a firewall and I've blocked port 135, so no worries. Not so -- remember Nimda? Nimda worked by exploiting several Microsoft security bugs. Your firewall protects you from an MS03-026 exploit so long as the hostile program is outside of your firewall. All a bad guy has to do is to build a virus that uses MS03-026 and wrap it into a Trojan horse program of some kind, like a "click this attachment to download great savings!" e-mail virus. All you need is one person inside the firewall to open it, and the cat's out of the bag.

    So please, do yourself a favor and get the patches for this on all of your NT 4, 2000, XP and 2003 systems. Now.

    You can find technical info and download links for patches for NT 4 through Server 2003 at


    Again, I cannot stress how important it is that you get this patch on your systems, and quickly. When the exploit gets written for this, it will be a doozie. Imagine all of those 2000 Pro and XP systems sitting in people's homes directly attached to the Internet with no firewall software and port 135 sitting open and exposed to the Internet. Now imagine all of them running some kind of worm that batters away at every other computer on the Internet trying to infect those computers. Remember how slow the Internet became due to Slammer? Well, that only affected computers running SQL Server. Imagine how much worse it'll be if someone writes a Slammer-like worm that "only" affects computers running the Server service -- given that virtually every Windows system runs the Server service, even workstations. My guess is that if someone writes an exploit quickly, before we're all patched, then the Internet will be a shambles for a week or two. So please, do yourself and do all of us a favor -- after you've gotten your systems patched, go tell your not-so-techie neighbor with the new Dell that came with XP Home about this. :)

    Come back after that's all done.....
  6. couldn't it be his power source as well....?

  7. It could be, but based on the facts that he's stated most likely not.

    Fact 1. Runs P2P software.

    Fact 2. System is not up to date.

    Fact 3. System is unprotected on the 'Net.

    MOst likely he has a virus or trojan running. Now that I think of it, it'd be a good idea to run ad aware after all this to see how much spy shit is installed. Bet he'll be surprised!! :)

  8. I agree. Just have not had that situation happen to me before. And as far as the patches go.... You should see what would happen if I didn't patch my servers and workstations at work... :( I always freak out about Microsofts shitty bug filled programs. Just once I wish they could maybe do most of the coding BEFORE its released!! But then again there would be no real need for me then... :)On a bright note, at least I can use group policy to deploy them over the network. :)
  9. it could be gremlins too... lil bastards getting into your shit an tearin it up....

    just leave some food by your comp and when they come out........WHACK.... smash em with a hammer...
  10. My bro downloaded a virus that shut my computer down 5 or 10 minutes after I turned it on once. I didn't have updated AV definitions and couldn't get them because the computer would shut off before I could get on the internet and download them (damn 56k) so I had windows find files modified in the last 24 hours (you'll have to change the time period based on when your computer started doing it and it gets harder to narrow the files down with time). Once I figured out what file it was I tried to delete it, but it was in use by windows and couldn't be deleted. I rebooted into DOS and found the file and deleted it there. It was in Win 98 SE, so it's gonna be different if you have XP. If you can, try to update your AV definitions and see how it goes.
  11. that used 2 happen 2 my comp. it just stopped 1 day..... mayb its haunted!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha im sooooo baked rite now lol
  12. Whats AV definitions? Ok its not overheating because i have a fan blowing at the back and it still shuts off. What if my comp won't stay turned on long enough to download a patch? Or load an anti virus program and scan it? Am i screwed then?

  13. Antivirus Definitions was what I meant. Do you have an emergency boot disk that you made? If so, try booting to that. Can't remember what OS you're using, but if it's Win2K or above, you could always try to restore to the last know good config.....
  14. You're gonna want to restart and then download antivirus and give it a scan.

  15. Download avg free and you should have microsoft security essentials on your machine.
    Like you said it could your fan went and it heats up and shuts down.
    Easy way to check is to access the BIOS and watch the computer temp for about ten mins, or take the side panel off and clean it, then start it up and check the fans.
    It's very important you regularly clean it cause dirt can mess things up.

  16. lolololol
  17. Sounds like a power problem but it still could be many many things, I need to know a lot more before I can guess.
  18. yall do realize I bumped this thread from 2003, right? :p

  19. Was just about to say the same thing :D

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