Whats wrong with my buds?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by guygreenthumbs, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I took this pic today of one of my girls who went thru a lot of stress and is developing really weird buds. I have a terrible feeling this one went hermi. Can someone please verify if its a hermi or just poor quality from stess?

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    Doesn't look like a hermie to me, looks like a stressed sativa heavy strain. Also not yet mature.
    Looks like heat stress may have caused those loose flowers.
  3. Thanks morange, I ordered nl seeds from nirvana but they weren't fem seeds. Do u think there's a chance I got some sativa mixed in by accident? They had the traits of a sativa (thin leafs, growing very tall). Different from the rest

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  4. that is possible
    i think NL is a hybrid indica/sativa mix great for beginners
  5. Sounds like that phenotype is just a dud. Sometimes you have to go through a few seeds to find a really good phenotype worth keeping around. I wouldn't grow that phenotype again, if you have clones of it they will likely grow the same way.
  6. What lights do you have? I've seen that happen before with extremely inefficient lighting.
  7. 2 1000watt hps. This one plant went thru a lot of stress so it doesnt surprise me its messed up. Just worried the stress could of caused a hermi

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  8. I dont see any bud lol
  9. Where did you get your seeds?
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    Looks alright from what i can tell from the pics, however pick off any large looking hard calaxys which look as if they could be harboring a seed, squize them,  swollen calaxys towards the end of flowering is normal, they will usually be empty and are soft to the touch.
    You'll know it's hermied when there hard and secreet a lot of fluid, usually form towards the lower growth in some cases, from what i've leared they'll also usually form first on the most stressed area's of the plant, found this one out in my early days, had a fan blowing to close and stong one side of the plant produced hermied calaxys/seeds, one side didn't, and it was entirely limited to the area the fan was blowing on.
    It will eventually spread though, heat stress is another way i've had hermied plants, always with HPS, in your case it's probably heat stress.  your bud looks fine stressed but alright
  11. I definitely don't see any pollen sacks. What kind of stress are you talking? And how far into flowering were they?
  12. Week 8 of flower. It had major nute deficiencies since this is my first grow and wasn't ready with the proper nutes. Also grew into my ceiling so I had to make multiple cuts off the top. Also temps are getting really low at night. Probably mid 50s.

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  13. Temps in the 50's at night at the end of flower is fine. Should look into making an organic mix. You don't need to add nutrients as they will be mixed into the soil and broken down into nutrients the plant can use as needed. If you do it right, you will not have any deficiencies and you will grow beautiful plants from start to finish with only water. Can't beat the smell and taste of fresh organic buds!
  14. I do want an organic mix very bad. I just did plan a month ahead not realizing you need to let an organic mixture "bake" for 30 days before use. Ffof + nutes for now and the next batch. Clones already started in solo cups of ffof
  15. Lmao it looks like you stole the pics of my first harvest! :p

    Funny how I also grew NL from nirvana for my first attempt and it also turned out exactly like your pic. I can't say what caused it as I also was pretty unprepared for my first grow. Lots of nute issues and a few temperature problems.

    Just for note, it smoked like absolute filth. Never had a harsher smoke in my life. Prepare your lungs lol :D
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    But.... did it get you high? That's the question
  17. Well yeah it definitely got me there but it wasn't what I was hoping for. I'm from australia and i've never even found a dealer that knows what he's selling, it's just bush grown dirt weed everywhere around here. So in comparison to the stuff I buy 9/10 times, it was a pretty decent improvement. It definitely didn't get me as high as I was hoping for though :(
  18. Luckily only 2 of my 11 girls are looking like this. I was tempted to just chop em and thro them away but more then anything I felt I might of had pollination occuring which could of ruined my whole harvest.
  19. your buds will reflect the successes and shortcomings of your grow.
    they look very stretched to me.
  20. Well I'm glad that I got 3 going that are plump and smell like dank. First grow and I ran into a lot of problems. Kinda glad I did. I learned so much that I just want to chop them all and start my clones in the big room.

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