whats wrong with my baby

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  1. it looks a lil sickly to me.what do you think is wrong .im growing in cow poo perlite and compost ph is 6

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    What kind of light is it under? It almost looks like you have nute burn or heat damage to me. How long has it been out of the soil? Have you added any other ferts? Maybe some expert will chime in here, but the cow poo and compost mix sounds like it very well may be too "hot" for your seedling.

    You definitely have some issues. The yellowing looks more like nute burn to me, but the curling looks more like heat. The tips are deifinitely showing you something is out of whack.

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  3. Joker is right. Your plant is almost certainly burnt. The pH is a little too low as well. Soil should be 6.5. To test soil pH, get some pure water, test its pH and then water the plant well. Wait at least an hour before pressing on the soil and collecting the runoff for testing. Water needs time to take on the soil's pH.

    You should flush the soil thoroughly asap.
  4. Nute burn. Flush with 5.5 - 5.8 pH purified water and then test your run off...soil needs to be 6.5 ph.
  5. I'd say mix that soil you have there about half and half with some regular potting soil (no added nutrients) and transplant. Compost is extremely nutrient rich, and I'm not certain that flushing would do much good.
  6. update:ight i did this stuff and still it hasnt been looking better. whats should i do now? the ph is now 6.5
  7. How long has it been since you adjusted things? Improvements dont always happen as quickly as the damage did. Also, some leaves simply will never recover from the damage. If things are straightened out it may take new growth before you know for sure the problem is fixed. Keep an eye on it, and as long as the damage isn't getting worse, you may have turned the corner.
  8. It might take a while to notice some improvements. How is the newest growth looking?
  9. Nute burn 100percent
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    well i adjisded the ph ti 6.5 and its been a few days the new set of leaves coming in look good...does that mean its fixed?
  11. All you can do is give it time. What soil are you using? It's prob just to hot for your seedling
  12. If the newest growth is looking green and healthy then most likely the seedling isn't burning up anymore. Keep a close eye on the new growth....if that yellows and burns, you'll probably need to keep flushing.
  13. Transplant to foxfams if possible. cow poo is wayyyyy too hot for seedlings
  14. Water with Nuetral PH water it's nute burn.
  15. thanks guys ill update with pics latr
  16. No prob bro. Ask if you've any more questions
  17. updated pics.i think its fixed what yall think.

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  18. Definitely looking better man, I would still keep an eye on it just to be safe but I doubt you will see any more damage from this incident.
  19. yall can follow along with this grow (master kush) search superbeastly first grow-masterkush :-D
  20. lookin better brosph. keep up th improvement and you WILL reap the benefits. ciao

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