What's wrong with my baby?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by xandaman0, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. My plant was growing fine until recently, it started to yellow on the bottom leaves and started to get brown spots all over it. The top leaves look healthier, but they still seem like the they're being drained of their color. I've been using Terracycle All Purpose Plant Food, it's been growing in a PC Grow Box about 3 inches away from the lights which are all 26 Watt CFLs. The fans have been going all day, and so have the lights. I'd say the plant is about 3 weeks old and growth has recently slowed after I moved it from it's original soil to a new soil. These are some poor quality pictures of it.



  2. Cannot see any pictures.....
  3. Looks too wet to me...
  4. so overwatering?
  5. Wow those plants are 3 weeks old? Seems like they should be bigger but can u give us some more details like what kind of soil are you using? And how about nutes. What is your water and soil runoff ph? It also looks might it just be a simple over watering problem. Let your plants sit for about 1-2 days without watering them and see if they get better. A way to test if it needs to be watered is stick your finger 2 inches into the soil and if the soil feels wet at all then wait a day to water.

    Good luck man i hope this helps. I shall now smoke this bowl as an offering to the Marijuana Gods so that they may heal your babies. lol:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  6. Well she's looking better after one night of not watering, and the soils still a bit damp underneath so I think I'll wait out another day, but the top leaves look a lot greener already and a lot less droopy so we'll see what happens.

    Uh and to answer your question, the ph right now is about 6.7, the soil is just soil from a nearby flowerbed that I stole, and the only thing I'm using as far as nutes right now is the Terracycle all purpose plant food.

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