Whats Wrong With My Baby?

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  1. Growing in a basic hydroponic system in a grow box. fairly well ventilated with 2x computer fans. Coated with nylon. Temps at 79F humidity around 50%. Started feeding my plants too soon and got a bit of what looks like nute burn on the tip. I changed out the RO nuted, Ph 5.5 water for tap water ph'd somewhere around 5.5-6.5. I dropped my ph meter and broke it have to get a new one. Seems like my baby now has some type of deficiency and the first set of leaves are drooping. Rest look healthy. This was my fastest growing baby of 4.
     On a different note, the top of my rockwool is starting to turn a bit red, looks weird.
    Any tips would be appreciated!


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  2. Looks to me like your rockwool is mildewing... :-/

    Did you ph your rockwool first for a day before adding clones?
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    rockwool too moist, and probable ph issue. 5.8-6.0 is optimal. lower ur water level.
    did you presoak your cubes in ph'd water?
    my man ;)
  4. Forgot to mention that these plants are autoflower and were planted directly in the rockwool from seed. This is my first grow and I messed up by only soaking the rockwool for a few minutes.
  5. The roots of the plant I posted seem to be established, my res is clear so I can see at least 3-4 roots coming out of the bottom. The longest one is protruding at least 6-8 inches in the water. The water is not touching the rockwool at this point but in my first few days of the grow i had the water touching.
  6. Gotta keep rockwool out of direct light. Your seed isnt the only thing that will enjoy growing in it...
    Not knowing pH is a biggie in Hydro. Seedlings will lockout their own nutes if the pH is too far off. 
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    in the future, skip the wool. just use hydroton ;)
    one seed has tap root after 24 hours, the other just cracked

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  8. I only broke my Ph meter last night, tomorrow I will have a new meter.
    It could be algae. You need to block the light from the rockwool as was said above. Not soaking your rockwool will throw your ph WAY off. Next time use root plugs. Same exact results without having to soak anything.

    Without a ph meter n ppm meter youre jus asking for trouble. I cant give much more advise than that because you cant tell me more without the proper tools :(
    I know how that goes bro. Happend to me last grow. Broke my pH and had to wait out the weekend to pick up a new one. My Skunk cross got stunted by it.
  11. a must have for hydro
    and you will have a backup ph tester for disasters
  12. Would it make sense for me to give up on hydro and transplant my rockwool into soil? Or should I just go buy a new Ph meter and some sort of cover for the rockwool?
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    You're seedlings are alive bro!

    Switiching mediums will only stress the seedlings more.

    Plus you should have a pH meter in soil to check run off, I believe. So either way youll have to buy a new meter.
    That is 100% the plan. Ugh, I wish I knew why my this seedling is drooping.
  15. Don't ever be a quitter.

    Success comes to those who persevere my brother.

    Hydro is an amazing process.

    I personally grew in soil ten years before attempting hydro, but it wasnt necessary.
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    we just told you why. multitude of issues. rockwool too moist, ph imbalance, possible mildew/light issues.
    lower ur res to allow rockwool to dry, cover cubes with hydroton, ph ;)
  17. Yes sir, captain sir!
  18. good luck with ur grow :wave:
  19. Hell yeah, thats what's up.

    Get her taken care of asap tho. Damping off is a serious issue with RW.

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