Whats wrong with my baby??

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  1. Hey so the last few days the leaves on my one plant have begun to brown and curl in some places.. what is causing this atrocity and how do i fix it immediately or asap???

    You can see the difference in color with the plant next to it.. both are from the same strain of seed, and both have been treated relatively the same..

    the main difference with with one im concerned about is that it is in a 3 gallon pot that is squished in beside my 5 gallon pot... i dont think that squishing the pot itself should effect the plant at all because the roots should still be able to do their thing regardless of the shape of the planter that they are in.

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  2. In no way am I trying to be a dick but check out or re-post in the sick plants forum. You're post will hit more folks with the knowledge you need.
  3. thanks brother
  4. looks like an iron deficiency maybe? im no expert but im pretty sure. someone correct me if im wrong.
  5. Iron deficiency? good lord! I suppose some sort of standard fertilizer or nutrients should correct that?
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    I know a ton of these look the same but good info none the less. You mentioned that the treatment of the two plants has been close but not identical. I think your answer may lie in that information along w/ the fact that it's in a smaller pot. The container size may have magnified whatever the issue is.

    And one more thing. Altering the shape of your pot would only create less room for the roots if both pots stayed stationary. If you move them and smash the side in frequently it could damage the roots. Sorry if this is obvious info but it's worth stating.

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