Whats wrong with my babies please help PICS

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ginge1234, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. ok im coming to end of week 5 veg and my leaves look droopy i need to know answer y i also had rust spots and tips of leave yellow a few weeks ago but that has gone and dont seem to be a problem

    ive done few grows now and i done it same way every time without problems same breed and food etc

    i dont think its overwatering as i use 10litres off water over 5 plants which is 2litres each. every 2days

    my ph is fine

    my temps are fine

    my air circulation is fine

    im gonna turn to flower next week for 8weeks

    any help at all would be helpfull please tell me anything you think off the plants

    im using all canna products and its under a 1000watt light

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  2. Some 1 please reply
  3. Check for bugs under the leaves and anywhere else near/on the plant. Otherwise I would stop watering for a while and see if they do perk up, if so then you should slow the watering down, if not then you have other problems.

    Also, when was your last flush? You may want to try that.
  4. i flushed about a week ago i also checked for bugs there is no sighn do you think it could be too many leaves and need pruning the old leaves maybe taking too much water and nutes is that a load of crap im no good at this stuff as they always gone fine.

    what ya think
  5. I doubt it could be from too many leaves. More leaves usually equals a good thing because they are what absorb the light energy.

    Anyhow, I say just let them go for a few days without watering. What are the temps like?
  6. there between 28c to 30c and drop to about 20c with light off

    im thinking off pruning few fan leaves off stem and ones that look unhealthy and leave fan leaves on were buds are do you think ill be making big mistake
  7. Yeah MJ likes more around 75F so you should be around 23-25C. You should use more ventilation to decrease temperatures. Trimming some leaves will not cause a huge problem with your plant.

    I think that maybe the temps could be an issue here along with maybe some over watering, although with that temp it probably dries up pretty quick. What is your pH at? Also did this happen overnight or was it a long term problem?
  8. its been long term my ph is 7.0 its the big bud strain. i have a primair fan controller
  9. Your pH should also be a bit lower somewhere around 6.3 at runoff pH. Other than correcting those two factors a bit I don't have any other idea.
  10. Overwatering and underwatering symptoms can look exactly alike. Also, it's very hard to diagnose a plant under the monochromatic light of an HPS. I'd say just try what Insomniac said. If the plants droop even more then it may be too little water. If they perk back up in a day or 2 then the problem will be solved. Do you ever do the potlift test? It's good to lift the pot after watering and memorize the weight. Then lift the pots again when they are dry. This can tell you a lot more about their water consumption than merely sticking your finger into the medium.
  11. I can see nute burn and calcium deficiency.

    The burnt edges on the leaves are from nute burn, the little rust spots calcium deficiency.

    The white spots is just from the water you're feeding with getting on the leaves.

    So lighten the nutes a tad, and add a little calmag in with your feedings.

    Also your pH should be lower, not sure if your in soil or coco, but for soil you want 6.3-6.8 and for coco you want 5.5-6.0

    If you can, it could help to get the temps down a few degrees as well.
  12. ^exactly what he said

    i believe i see a magnesium deficiency too. nothing your calmg wont cure.

    good luck :smoke:

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