what's wrong with MG All purp food 24-8-16?

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  1. what is wrong with using MG all purpose plant food 24-8-16? All I ever see is people say that MG is bad. I'm really not sure what numbers mean so much other than 24% nitrogen etc. Is it a bad balance of numbers for the plant or what? Or is that i've got the wrong idea and it's not so much the food that is a problem but just MG soil?
  2. uh, I'm pretty sure the numbers are off for either a vegging (10-10-10 or 20-20-20) or flowering plant (10-20-20).. I'm pretty sure those are the numbes. the MG soil is notorious but I've seen a few grows that have worked completely fine with the organic stuff. As for their actual plant food, I'm not sure..
  3. That stuff is good for veg, but not so much for flower because of the low P. Fundementally, the reason why people poo-poo on MG nutes is because they are so concentrated and the "recommended" dosage on the side of their box says to feed them WAY too much (for cannabis purposes at least). In other words, if you use around 1/10th to (at most) 1/4 the recommended dosage of MG nutes, you'll be fine from start to finish. I've done two grows with just MG nutes this way and been very pleased. Keep the nute feedings modest and you'll be ok.
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    That stuff is perfect for veg. Just follow chieftons advice and don't use more than 1/4 dosage. Hank.. I'm sorry but you're wrong, the numbers are great for veg. Once you hit flower switch to an orgranic fert like fox farms.

    Edit: It's just the mg grow soil that is bad
  5. bishop,,the time release nutes in the mg soil are the bad guys. im sure the boxed plant food is ok. the nute numbers arent a % they are a ratio-- like 2 to 1 to 1. the mg soil is expensive! its cheaper to buy the good stuff.:confused:

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