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What's wrong with me?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Timitar, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. I don't know why i'm this way, but it's always been the same -- I can't get as high with anything other than a bubbler. Joint, blunt, pipe, bowl, everything else may get me a bit tipsy but I never actually get high unless I use a water bong. Actually to be fair, there are 2 exceptions -- I used a gravity bong (it was a waterfall) and that got me ripped, and this one really big blunt got me baked too.

    But seriously, does anyone else have this problem of only getting high when smoking through water?
  2. Maybe you need better quality herb? Idk, what do you usually smoke?
  3. How long have you been smoking? Do you smoke cigarettes?

    Things like bubblers, gravity bong, waterfalls... they make it pretty much impossible not to INHALE CORRECTLY, this could be your problem...

    When it comes to things such as blunts or joints you need to be inhaling correctly in order to take in the thc... this is a common reason why people don't get high their first time smoking.

    Try a bowl... just breath like your taking a deep breath, but dont inhale all the way. After the hit, take a couple hits of air and just hold... focusing on feeling the smoke enter your lungs and the high, your body.
  4. Yeah I agree with Virtuoso, me and my buddies like to say that you can't exhale your hit until the joint/bowl comes back to you, and with 3 or 4 people this takes awhile sometimes... especially when they purposely take as long as possible to try and make you hack it up lol. But it gets me nice and fucked up, maybe try that..?
  5. Maybe hold it in for an extra couple of seconds would help, I don't reccomend doing waht leafsfan81 said though because its pointless (I know that others will back me up on this). All it does is damage your lungs.
  6. I think alot of people can only get as high as they like using there preferred method of I have to smoke blunts to get the way I like, but others swear they are the same with bongs, or just depends on what you like to do personally. I just like the relaxation of chillin with a blunt, and either way it's just a mind thing. You COULD get as high smokin something else, but you just expect to get ripped usin a bubbler so it kinda does hit you harder. I know when I smoke a pipe I kinda "chase the high" instead of lettin it just hit me naturally so I dont feel as good. You might be the same way or it may just be the way you smoke other things, I dunno.
  7. yeah I read somewhere a while back that it takes your lungs 5 seconds or so to absorb the max amount of stuff from gas in your lungs i.e. air or smoke
  8. I agree, after the smoke is inhaled it only takes a few seconds for your lungs to absorb all the thc, so if you hold it longer your just irritating your lungs. I usually just count to five and it does me plenty of justice.
  9. I always found taking a "hit of air" helped me hold the smoke longer. Like you take your hit, than with the left over space in your lungs just suck in some air, yeah sounds fucked up, but seems to help, placebo? maybe
  10. ^^ Well you get more surface area in the lungs because they need to expand further, and that is just more area for THC absorbtion, so yes, it does get you higher.
  11. mrhippos right.
    hit of weed -> puff of air to push it into your lungs and to help them expand -> anouther hit of weed -> hold -> exhale is the way to go :D
  12. Only takes 5 seconds for 99% of the THC to absorb in your lungs, anything after that is just the feeling for lack of oxygen to your brain, your not getting any 'higher'
  13. i never get high anymore =/
  14. Hmm, didn't know that... I just noticed that if I hold it as long as I can, I end up hacking up a lung and after my coughing fit I feel more fucked up lol ... But honestly, if anyone really cared about their lungs, they wouldn't smoke dope lol ... I'm a smoker, mine are fucked already so I don't care.
  15. This is kind of a conteversal topic, so im not trying to correct anyone, just throughin my two cents. From what ive heard, its not realy your lungs that absorb the thc, its actually two glands in the back of your throat that when you breath deeply they open up. Holding you breath is just giving you that high when you were a kid and would hold your breath and tried to pass out. In fact, when you hold you breathyou glose these glands and allow less thc. The trick is, and this has worked for me, is fill you mouth with as much smoke as possible, the breath it in deeply and quickly. Its like when you see someone take a big bong rip, but only blow out a little smoke. that means they know how to hit their shit right.
  16. you're joking right?

    we don't have glands that absorb THC.

    it enters our bloodstream through our respiratory system and there it travels to the brain and plugs into cannabinoid receptors and gits you fucked up.
  17. yea man...ive done research and shit....its all special gland in the back of the throat.
  18. try use a bag instead on your bong as water tends to filter some of the good stuff out

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