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Whats wrong with me...

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by 420Stillblazin, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Well theres this girl who i used to date in high school who i recently had a sexual encounter with. She had messaged me a month before and we planned to hang out and when she came over we had some sexual relations...anywayyy the thing is i used to love this girl. And us hanging out really brought everything out for me again. Shes visiting again next month, and i really like her, but we live very far from each other. I think she has feelings for me as well but she has always been very untrustworthy.

    I dont know why i love this girl, but should i just keep in touch and get some pussy/slowly kill myself inside knowing theres probably someone else, or just drop her. She's banging btw. :confused: :(

    edit- i know she has/had a boyfriend, at least for the period before our hookup.
  2. So you're asking if you want to have sex but be miserable in knowing you aren't first choice or not be miserable but pussyless for who knows how short of a time span?

  3. i guess you could say that
  4. I would cut her out, she doesn't seem healthy for you man.
  5. What's wrong with you?


    You have a girl that you like very much, and you want her to be yours and yours only, but she's not.

    And that is making you feel jealous, angry, sour... it makes you feel like there is a pool of acid, boiling inside your stomach... and you find the whole thing too much to handle.
  6. Beat the pussy up and let her make the relationship decisions. Thats the girls responsibility anyways.
  7. It all depends. Do you consider sex more important than a real relationship? If yes, then go on about your business. If no, then congratulations! You are the minority. And unfortunately you have to suffer because women are savage beasts who want nothing but sex and attention

    (At least most)
  8. dont do it. you'll only want her more and act a fool. cut contact and move on
  9. Its hard to cut contact though. Its almost like i would be losing more than i would be gaining.

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