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  1. idk what happend this plant is my frined barn atic and i looked at it yesterday it was fine but today it looked like this whats going on


    ive been watering it with mirccal grow like a little every other day water every other day switching it off because from the look of were my plant is growing in a party cup and it can't be feed a gallon of water + mircal grow at the same time and we have the light on for more then 8 hours a day i think it might be to hott up in the barn how much can these stand the heat i think its a bit humid up there is it isn't then its dry as hell
  2. To be blunt, it sounds like you did everything wrong -- too hot, too much water, fertilizing too young, not enough light. Read the grow guides and deep into the forums before starting your grow.
  3. can i bring it back to life
  4. so can i do anything to help it out
  5. As usual, I agree with everything Toasty had to say. You fed the plant way to early. They don't need food until at least week three. Also, your temperature really should not go above 85 degrees F because any more will slow growth and 95 plus degrees will probably start to kill it. Give it 18 hours light 6 hours dark. Not sure if it will survive. All you can do is give it the proper light but, it looks like it wilted from extreme heat. Get it to a cooler place and see what happens.
  6. what i everyone seeing in the pic??

    i see a young MJ plant strapped to a big branch, looks like it has been cut as well the bottom just finishes, no roots into soil.
  7. If you want big healthy plants with big buds, it all starts with a big healthy root system. There are a few things you can do to ensure you get the healthiest root system possible. These include implementing a proper fertilizer program, repotting your plants utilizing a graduated potting program, pruning the roots a bit and watering correctly.

    I will start with the fertilizer part of the equation. As we all know, with out food we die. If a plant does not get the food it needs it will get sick and die as well. A root systems favorite food is phosphorus (p): roots need p to survive and grow. Fertilizers have 3 macronutrients that make it up; (n-p-k) nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium ratio and several micronutrients. When you are picking out a fertilizer for your young plants' root system, look at the middle number. At the beginning of your plants life, this number should be around 15 to 30. I recommend fox farm big bloom from the second watering they get from the time they first pop the surface and gradually getting higher. When done right, I've gotten higher female to male ratios up to 80% twice (usually 60% seems to be the norm) but other times I've gotten 60% male, so it's not an exact science. It is never too early to start feeding your plants as long as you don't over do it, that's why I use fox farm big bloom as it has a very low n-p-k ratio and it's all organic. Never use chemical nutrients on young seedlings or you will burn the root system and possibly kill your plants. Slowly raise the amount of nitrogen you give your plants. This will give you healthy leaf growth during the vegetative period, which means more photosynthesis and a healthy uptake and processing of food.

    Giving your plants adequate amounts of phosphorus throughout their entire vegetative cycle will ensure a healthy root system, which your plants will need when they start to flower. If you want big, fat, sugar-coated buds, then healthy roots are essential. Of course phosphorus is crucial for flowering too, so the number (p) throughout your plants life cycle should act like a roller coaster. It should be in the beginning then lower in the Veg cycle and much higher in the flowering cycle. The (p) number should be between 10 and 20 the first couple of weeks to give the roots they nutrients they need to grow big and strong and fast, then steady at or around 5 to 20 for the rest of the Veg cycle, then jump up to 30 to 52 for the flowering cycle. On a side note: for those people who thought k was for roots; k is used for creating a strong, healthy stock and branches. Therefore, raise the amount of k during the Veg cycle and you will help create the thick branches needed to hold big plump buds that everyone wanted

    Any good grower has at least half a dozen fertilizers on hand at all times, not just 1 or 2. I recommend Fox Farms B.C. Nutrients along with any of the guanos. I use them all at some point, worm castings included. Now your number should look something like this: 10-15-10, 10-52-10, 35-5-10, 9-45-15, 28-14-14, and good old triple 20. It may cost you a little green but its more than worth it when you are smoking the green you grow; it is worth it.

    Then there are countless products that are beneficial that you can add to your soil to help the roots work even better than they would have if you didn't use them. I use sub-culture, #2 rated in the world and can be bought in the states unlike the #1 which is strictly for pot, but sub-culture works just as good and is cheaper. I also use ea/en plus actinovate/sp which is a biological fungus control which should never be used on plants before they have at least 2 sets of leaves. Also, plant success, which has 136,200 spores per cc, there are 13 different types of mycorrhizal fungi. If you add plant acids and amino-acids along with stuff like humic acid, both of which helps the fungi. You can get some amazing roots like the pros get without having to go to collage to get a botany degree.

    Love your plants and they will love you back
    hope this helps you out it was an artical i found in high times mag

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