What's wrong with her?

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  1. Temps 79 hum 40 ph 6.8 soil is ff happy frog with perlite and haven't feed her nutes in over 3 weeks but runoff today showed 1200. I thought it was a cal mag and have been giving for last 2 weeks and still no change. Other plant behind her has been giving same and no problems. Anybody have any ideas?

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  2. You could always flush her a d start her off with a fresh batch of nutes, because its halfass looking like nute burn.

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  3. That's what I thought about 3 weeks ago. Then 2 people said they thought it was cal mag. Of course spots were a lot smaller. I had to wait a week before I got my cal mag in and been giving since with no improvement. This is my first grow really so how much ph'ed water should I run through a 5 gal pot for it to be enough of a flush?
  4. Its 3x the size of the pot just make sure whatever water you out through drains out withing 20 minutes so you dont drown the roots. As in put 3 gallons wait for it to drain out the bottom then put another 3 until you hit 15 gallons.

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  5. This has always sounded like an insane amount of water to me. I just do 3 times what I would normally put through with some runoff. This has always worked just fine. I always go light on the nutes though and until well into flower the nitrogen comes from soil amendments not bottled nutrients.

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  6. Ok when flushing if I use tap water will the chlorine in it effect anything when flushing?
  7. The plant looks like it got splashed with something that burned it maybe. What I see is nothing indicative of a problem. If your plant has a problem nutritionally, etc, you will always see it on new growth. If what you're looking at, and from what I can tell all these pics are, is on old growth...move alone. DO NOT FLUSH THIS PLANT! When you flush a plant, you drain out absolutely all the nutrition in the grow media you are using. That particular soil is good soil and will support your plant nutritionally for most of it's life. If it's not an auto and you can repot to a larger container, that's what I would do. Give it some fresh soil and a slightly larger container and plain water. This will feed your plant for several more weeks. A plant will always tell you when it's hungry or when something is wrong with it. A hungry plant, one that has expended all the nutrients in the soil...and is usually root bound when this happens), will start to fade out in color (new growth) from that rich blue/green associated with a healthy plant, to a more washed out yellow green color. But old growth will die, dry and fall off during the life cycles of the plant and is nothing to be concerned about. Using a good quality grow soil and not pouring a bunch of unnecessary chemicals into your plant cuts WAY down on problems with feeding. It's expensive to use, but worth every center it costs...the good soil. We use Roots Organics Original and it's something like $26 a bag. But I don't use additional nutes at all. If you have the quality and wattage light necessary to make a plant really produce, the grow soil takes care of the feeding. MJ is a really fast cycling plant and if you're doing a soil grow, the need for extra nutrients is cut WAY down. Repotting the plant when it does use up the feed in current soil, can be done at any time throughout the plant's life. The key is allowing the plant to dry out to nearly dead dry before switching containers. A very dry plant keeps the root ball together when making the transfer. But unless a plant is root bound in it's current container, there really isn't a need to change to a larger one. But I transplant my plants all the time. When they get to the point that I'm having to water every day or every other day, I'll pop them into some fresh soil and larger container. If it's done correctly, the plant will never show stress. I've transplanted them as close as two weeks away from harvest before and they never showed signs of it. But some strains are more able to deal with stress than others. You just have to grow something long enough to learn how it is affected by different situations, etc.

    Next time you post pics, make sure you take them under natural lighting. The LEDs skew the color of the plant and that's what you use primarily to determine if there are actually issues with one. Good luck. TWW
  8. She's only had 2 feedings which came after 2 weeks in a gallon pot then I stopped after issues showed up. I transplanted her a week and a half ago fresh soil and everything. It also is showing up on new growth one pic 2nd node down from the top. I've done lots of research and the other plant same day planted is just fine with same everything feed. Nutes are advanced nutritiets sensi grow. Lights are mars hydro reflector 96 led 1 per plant.

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