Whats wrong with her??? (Pics)

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  1. whats up gc i got a female bagseed from Jamaica that ive been flowering for atleast 6 weeks and the hairs are orange, anyways at first i seen a few spots and leaves curling so i figured i over fed it im using technaflora boost n bloom but i flushed it with 9 gals of city water sunday the leaves dont seem to be getting any better, the trics are mostly cloudy and i seen a few amber im just thinking would it hurt to let it keep going or should i chop the bitch down? check the pics out to see what i mean. third pic is the main cola


  2. I think it might be "cal/meg def" If you are using RO/distilled water or coco medium, then you need to add cal/meg to your watering. See how your top part of the leaves are yellowing, but not the bottom ones? It is the sign of cal/meg deficiency. Treat it soon, so it will not spread.

    By the way, I believe AskEd is a great guy who knows the plants: if you get a chance, pm him. He provides very detailed diagnosis with possible way to cure.

    Oh, do not chop her down yet! She has so much potential and it would be a shame if you did not give her a chance!

    Good luck!
  3. ok thanks
  4. Howdy! Looks like a little nute burn :) This usually locks out calcium & magnesium and a few other problems.

    You did good by flushing, that would be my suggestion. Those leaves won't repair or get any better, I'd cut off the ones with damage as they will continue to deteriorate and make it look like the plant is still having trouble. She might look pretty bare after some trimming, this is fine just try to leave some leaves up top to help with buds.

    After she's dried out, give her water for a feeding or two, if she starts to loose some dark green color then start her back on nutes at 1/2 strength.

    I think she's worth saving :) She doesn't look too bad really, the spotting may continue even after you fix the issue, calcium defs are stubborn as hell and can continue for weeks after a fix. I think this was most likely locked out due to over feeding, but adding 1 tsp of epsom salt to your next watering/feeding won't hurt either way.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
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    thanks for viewing my girl, i went ahead and cut most of those damaged leaves off and watered her with some water out of one of those berkey filters, (Paranoia made me get 1 lol.) I appreciate you guys taking the time out to look at her.

    Edit. After removing the leaves the new leaf growth on the buds is damn near pointing straight up i hope that's a good thing.
  6. Here is an update on how she looks. All ive given her since the last pic has been a gallon of water every so often and some molasses like i posted earlier i think it started flowering around 4/7/10 so its almost been 8 weeks and my patience is running thin anyways here are some more pics
  7. Hey there partner! She don't look too bad, they go downhill towards the end as they use up the last of the nitrogen and ripen up. Yellowing is fine ;)

    You said she's cloudy & amber already? Personally that's when I harvest but from the pics looks like she has another week or two. Take a little sampler and dry it for 3-4 days and see what you think. She may be ready, I wouldn't worry about her leaves too much at this point, the buds should be fine :smoking:
  8. What AskEd said...good advice.:D
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    thanks again for checking my post out. Im glad it survived so far and i think those trics i looked at earlier on looked amber because i looked at it under the light lol. i see a few amber now though but most look milky and some are Clear further down on the plant. I appreciate you guys taking the time out to check it out. ill post in the bagseed harvest thread when she is finally done. ima go get some schwag to hold me over til its rdy.:smoke:

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