Whats wrong with her ? (Curved yellowish leaves)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by GreenMasonJar, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. So this is my gurl, i think she's having a little problem here but i can't find out what it is. I added a few nitrogen to the soil, but nothing has changed since. I thought it could be overwatering but i let the soils dried and nothing happened. The plant is on its Day 12 ; not growing fast. 
    HELP !


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  2. nute burn... added ferts to soon
  3. Also looks like is stretching for light

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  4. weed isn't different to any other plant and learn this quick the seed as ALL the nutrients needed for the first 2-3 weeks of its life.
  5. This is true, the cotyledons (round leaves) can provide nutrients, until they die off. Usually around 2~ weeks, although, I've had cotyledons that were still green at week 4.

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  6. Where does the runoff go?  Is there adequate drainage?

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