What's wrong with acrylic?

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  1. helloooo GC,
    i've been thinking about buying this:
    Acryl bong colored - English - Grasscity.com

    i've heard some nasty comments about acrylics but they all just come to the conclusion that they're cheap.

    but ive smoked out of one before and it was just like smoking out of a glass bong..

    so whats wrong with them?
    are they ultimately worse than glass bongs?
  2. You can't clean acrylic bongs well. Rubbing alcohol will eat away at the acrylic.
    Better to just throw them away when they get too dirty.

    They use metal bowls, which contributes to a weird taste/not the real taste of the bud.
    Same goes for the acrylic material.

    Acrylic bongs are like expensive water bottle bongs. Who wants that?

    Glass bongs/spoons are #1 when it comes to smoking bud in all respects.
  3. apparently they get dirty and stuff, not sure. from what I've seen, experienced tokers with glass pieces only really use stuff like acrylic if they're camping out at a gig or something because they won't break too easily.

  4. Wouldn't go that far, vaping is infinitely better than a glass piece in my opinion.

    OP, my first bong was a little 15£ acrylic and other than not being possible to clean, it served its purpose well for a couple of months. Don't expect anything amazing but if you don't want to burst the bank and want to stop using crappy plastic bottle pieces then go for it

  5. well yeah but most people don't count vaping as smoking. he probably meant just smoking, but anyway it's whatever floats your boat.

  6. would there be any way to clean it besides using rubbing alcohol/salt without damaging the piece?

    like a homemade solution or anything?
    im not planning on smoking out of it too much since i only either use a homemade piece or just rolling a joint.

    i don't wanna get a glass bong too soon cos i haven't got my own place yet, and if a parent found it, an acrylic would be less of a loss than a glass bong haha. :p

    yeah, low price is the main thing i'm aiming for since i'm on a bit of a budget and i won't be smoking out if a ton.
    i really just want a step-up of my current homemade piece that i can use at home for awhile.
  7. I would just get a spoon or a cheap glass bubbler. Your not going to spend more than 60 on an average bub or 25 on a spoon and both are very concealable. I was in the same postion you were about 2 months ago until my acrylic bong was confiscated. I bought a glass bub which is great.

    -only problem with it is the inside tub broke so i had to cut the whole bigger with a knife and by a new a slide, but if your not a stoney idiot like i was trying to clean it you should be straight.
  8. You can clean an acrylic bong with Simple Green, which is more effective than rubbing alcohol anyway.
  9. GLASS OR GTFO. nuff said.
  10. Here dude, this is twice as much, but still super cheap..
    All glass.
    Payday - Roundfoot Bong - English - Grasscity.com

    There are other bongs that are glass, that are cheaper than that on GC.
    You should get one, the whole cleaning thing isn't really an issue imo but this is the difference.
    You are smoking acrylic, and metal, not only would the metal probably give off some fumes but acrylic does when exposed to higher heats. Either way, the acrylic hits are fucking raunchy compared to glass..

    I'm someone who has spent over 2 grand in glass over the past year or two, glass IS the way to go dude. It's worth the extra few bucks. Acrylic bongs have much less airflow too, with a real joint on a bong you'll notice a difference.
  11. If its your 1st bong you'll still love it, it not that hard to clean if you soak it in dish detergent...go for it
  12. Nothing is inherently wrong with smoking out of acrylic bongs. I'm doing so right now and plenty of people here consider me to be an arrogant, elitist glasshole. There's probably nothing better than an all glass path for the smoke but that doesn't make using acrylic wrong or bad. Just my two cents...
  13. I prefer Acrylic if my group is on the go. But if we're at a house, we usually stick with glass.
  14. I have glass, wood, and acrylic pieces. They all get me just as stoned. Its all in PERSONAL preference.

    Glass is easier to clean but breaks WAY easier. Acrylic is harder to clean but is durable as fuck.

    Either way u are gonna get just as stoned smoking out of either material.

    I personally think acrylic haters are just being picky. Let em. Its their loss...

  15. This post made my day. :D
  16. I personally love them. They're good for like a month of constant use then i just toss em. I have a glass downstem bowl attachment so no metal. It's like 5 bucks and i have a bong for a month or so.
  17. All i can say is that my little acrylic piece done me nothing but good, ill pick it up instead of a nice glass spoon any day. But compared to a glass bong, obviously the glass will be much better.
  18. I wasn't sure if I was gonna like using a bong so I went for the 15 buck cheapie. I have a glass bowl, but my purple beauty puts it to shame- she hits so very well. In time I'll probably want to upgrade, but we're sticking tight for now. I empty my water fairly frequently, and the place I brought it from gave me some filters, so that helps on keeping stuff out so I don't have a lot of gunky buildup. I have washed it with powdered laundry detergent, and it's just fine. I don't care if it looks bad as long as it still hits the same.

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