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What's wrong with a metal pipe?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blacklabel, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. It seems everyone really likes glass pipes and hates metals. Well it's kind of funny actually, considering I bought a glass pipe today to replace my metal, but still. :)

    I don't find much of a difference in taste between the two. I got some good weed from downstate and smoked a nice clean glassy of it but usually I don't care.

    Plus, you can put chamber buds in them. A few nights ago I was just fucked up and I guess at some point I put a nice nug in there and was smoking a bunch all night and then the next day I look in the chamber and it's there! Smoked a ton more bowls with it in there and then hit it up, it was fucking caked as shit!

    You can also use a cap which is handy for shaky weed so it doesn't burn that shit all up in two hits.

    And most of all, they get super caked. Sometimes I can scrape my pipe once a week and each time there's a ton of rez, like a fat bowlful of it.
  2. theres a lot of reasons why i like glass better than metal....
    tastes better, in most cases looks cooler, and in my experience delivers a bigger hit than most metal pipes (my piece anyways)
  3. smokin outta glass is healtiher, they looker ALOT nicer , they dont get hot to the point where you cant even smoke outta it like a metal piece does (thats the main reason i dont like metal pieces) , metal pipes are too small....also everyone i know that smokes outta a metal piece either isnt too big of a smoker is a new smoker or is just broke as fuck, i like to smoke with some class and a nice pretty solid glass piece just seems alot classier than a lil janky metal piece that gets burning hot after two small ass bowls.

    those are my reasons for chosing glass over metal.
  4. Well if you don't have a scant ass little schiesty metal. I had a custom metal. Bought some additional chamber pieces, a carb at one point, and you can rearannge it into different shit! It was pretty fat.

    But when you gotta a bigger metal it can dissipate the heat over a greater area n shit. I can smoke a couple fat metals before it gets too hot.

    But yah man I gotta agree, glassies are nice. THey do hit real nice and clean, and more classier.
  5. I have a metal pipe, and I hate it... It heats up to the point where I can't hold it, and it RETAINS that heat for a LONG time (10 min). I want a glass pipe, but due to financial restrictions, I am stuck hurting my lungs and perhaps wasting weed :(
  6. i love my medal pipes. my dad has used small brass pipes for like the past 10 years. He's had a lot of other pieces but stuck with medal. i have a glass spoon but i still use my medal bowl because of the chamber. And its a hell of a lot easier to clean.
  7. not trying to be rude but dont be too suprised if your dad develops some sort of cancer or diease....smoking outta metal isnt healthy. Since metal heats up very easily it releases cheimcals and fumes and god knows what else, doing that for yrs on end will eventually take its toll.

    I figure if ima smoke and damage my lungs i might as well try to do it as healthy as possible.
  8. the pipe itself isn't much to worrie about, its the screens. but i know a few people that smoke out of medal and have for years. if my father gets cancer thats his problem. life is too short to worrie about shit like that.
  9. My problem with metal pipes is they are usually too short for my liking and they get hot. I like a nice long pipe. I'm planning on eventually buying a churchwarden tobacco pipe and occasionally using it for weed. Churchwardens are like those that you see in Lord of the Rings. I hate it when my eyes cross looking at a flame that's just past the end of my nose. I have used a couple metal pipes that are a decent length are shape to make it alright. One friend has one that has about a 4 inch stem that makes a 45 degree turn back up so that you don't have to hold it straight out like a lot of pipes but let it tilt down. It's easy to use and has pretty cool smoke.

    Right now I'm using a cheap ass meerschaum clutch pipe. For those who don't know meerschaum is a soft white stone that can easily be carved. After you smoke with it for a while it slowly changes color to brown, with different heights and depths being different darknesses. The plastic mouthpiece doesn't quite screw in right anymore, but it works when I'm not bonging it. If I had dough to blow I'd buy a nice glass spoon or even a bubbler.
  10. nothing is wrong with metal pipes, but I have a glass spoon and I just like glass better, because in metal, the pipe gives the weed a really bad taste to me, but i will smoke out of anything that gets me high!

  11. you will retract that final statement once you try smoking a copper or brass pipe....GROSS...
  12. its metal thats whats wrong.....metal burns, glass doesn't.....
  13. i agree with the fact that metal pipes are bad for you because they release gases. but thats not true for the raydiator (its in the novelty pipes section) its made of titanium which doesnt melt unti around 3000degrees. it starts releasing gases at ~2800degrees, alot hotter that a lighter can produce. when i get enough i'm gettin a raydiator:D.
  14. as far as taste pipes taste just as bad as metal pipes to me...and glass will "burn"....more like melt, but thats exactly what metal does as well.

    I prefer bamboo pipes to be honest.
  15. glass pipes wont melt or burn while smoking out of them.
    wood pipes can be nice too
  16. a standard lighter wont melt or burn metal either.

    Most wood pipes taste like shit, but smooth, clean, bamboo really doesnt have a taste, and what little taste it does add really adds to the enjoyment of "the dope" imo
  17. i love wood pipes...

    like the ones your grandpappy used to smoke out of?

    I hate those average glass pipes...

    they are a sick shade of brownish yellow, with swirls of muddy red or blue...

    and the ones with vibrant colors cost like $40 at least...

    to me they are a dumb stoner cliche.
  18. metal pipes seem to be harsh on the lungs for me. i carry a wooden one around with me. i'd get a glass one, but i've broken too many of those already.
  19. I like i a nice glass spoon, they hit better than metal pipes i think but if you got only a little bit of weed you have to have a metal pipe cause spoons dont have screens :-/
  20. ok, umm, i own a foot and a half glass bong, multicolor swirl lines, great bowl, and paid 115$ can, 65-70 $ U.S...

    Totally worth it, as for the guy that said it was a waste of 40$, i burn about that much a day.... its worth it....

    I think he should go to recreational instead of Seasoned....

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