Whats wrong with 1 of my seedlings?

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    These were put into coco as seeds on 4/1, they are under a 150w hps and were on 24/0 until they sprouted, then switched to 18/6....as you can see, one of the seedlings is showing some problems which the others arent. I havent used anything on them except superthrive and water ph'd between 5.5-6.1...temps range from 72-85 during the light on period, and have dropped as low as 58 during lights out.

    the one with issues seems to look very light in the middle, a really light green/yellow with the 1 side of each fan leave curling upwards. Stem is also VERY dark, looks to be redish/brown/purple.

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  2. Not everything in nature is balanced runts happen just let it grow and see what it becomes. Try watering with epsom salts or cal/mag to bring the color back cuz coco has no nutes.
  3. I should be using cal mag this early? I thought i had to wait until i start feeding them nutrients?
  4. Did you mix any perlite with the coco? It will really help drainage if you mix it about 25-30 percent.

    All I can think of is use 5ml per gal Cal-Mg every watering. Don't go overboard, but if you use 1 gal for all, just mix it in and water them accordingly.

    Not sure what is causing it, but it doesn't look too bad (maybe just the HPS lighting). I wouldn't panic. Just keep watering it. These plants are very resilient, more than we give them credit for. They grow wild on almost every continent without our help. :)
  5. my mix is cocogro, nothing more....my reasoning for this was to try to give myself more time between waterings because i am away for multiple days a week, every week.

    I am yet to water them with a gallon of water in total as of yet...before i planted the seeds i poured a gallon of distilled water into each pot until run off...since the seeds have sprouted all I have been doing is filling up a spray bottle with water from my 1gallon jug i ph'd to 5.8-6.0 with 2 drops of superthrive....I have been spraying the coco with the spray bottle almost everyday. there has been maybe 2 days ive gone without any watering and yesterday was one of those days.

    How much water should I be giving these guys at their current stage of growth? I was under the impression i really shouldnt water too much while they are seedlings so thats why i have been using the spray bottle and just spraying around the stems....:confused: should i increase the amount of water i give each of them AND add calmag plus?
  6. Those look like pretty big pots for those seedlings. I had the same problem and nearly wiped out my whole crop. I had them under a few cfls and then transplanted them to bigger pots and put them under a bigger light and they got fried because I was so used to giving them small amounts of water in their small cups and I didn't water them enough for the bigger ones. You have to make sure you're giving enough water for the whole pot, not the plant. Coco is really hard to over water from what I hear.
  7. interesting....its making me think now i havent been watering enough, and you know what i just noticed when i checked on them b4 bed and lights out? the runt looking one is looking much worse(didnt snap a pic), but what i noticed was that underneath the smart pot a root had popped out the bottom and was sticking out about 1 inch! I feel stupid asking, but is this normal?

    I checked each other pot and there is 1 root slightly sticking out of each other pot, im starting to think ive been underwatering and the roots have stretched out as much as they could to find a source of water but couldnt....I guess i should be watering these 3 gallon pots a little more than just a few heavy sprays of water eh?

    I was scared of overwatering, but it looks like they possibly need more water....How much water should i be giving each pot if they are looking the way they are and the pots are 3 gallons each? the white is a 6 inch pot

  8. It grew all the way to the bottom of the pot?? How tall are these pots? DEFINITELY water more frequently. YES! Much more than a few sprays. That coco is airy! I don't know your temperatures, or how your soil reacts to watering, so you'll just have to try and see for yourself. Get the water nice and wet, especially if you can only water every couple of days or so.
  9. they all did lol, they are 3 gallon smart pots....I was afraid of overwatering them since they are seedlings and since they are in 3 gallon pots, didnt want to drown them.

    Temps range from 72-85 during the light on period, and have dropped as low as 58 during lights out. humidity is up and down, never drops below 28%, never goes over 42%...usually hovers in the 30s.....I guess tomorrow ill try water them with a good amount of water, any suggestions as to how much i should use? thanks for the reply man, i need all the help i can get!
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    #1 The Coco looks pretty dry - I'd suggest a good watering. Water heavily, (enough water to get about 10% run-off), then allow a good dry-out time before watering again. I'm currently watering my seedlings every 3 days.

    #2 Coco has virtually NO nutrients. Ideally, you should have soaked it with a weak nute solution before planting. A bit of nutes would help. I'm using the CANNA nute range, (Coco A + B, Rhizatonic, Cannazyme so far) and sticking to the book regarding pH/EC/feeding and getting great results. My 3-day old seedlings look similar to yours, but greener and only just starting to sprout their second set of leaves. (Coco + 20% perlite, 100W CFL lights)

    I also have 1 plant in potting soil for comparison - it's 15 days old, 4 pairs of leaves and looking pretty good, but not as good as the ones in Coco.

    A final point - it'll be easier for others to diagnose your problems if you take the plants out from under the HPS light before snapping pics, to avoid the plants looking too yellow.
  12. try gettin some upper spectrum (bluelight, 6500k CFL, 5100k CFL, MH bulb,etc.) light on em bc it is better for them in veg than red light
  13. first ..85 temps are too hot for healthy spruots..i would mix veg nutes at 25% and water them with that to see if color improves..i start nutes ay day 8 in coco..do you havr a fan on em...back the light off a bit
  14. ******UPDATE********

    First off thank you for all the replies guys, and thank you deacon for showing up after i PMed you!

    Unfortunately, the fear of underwatering ended in me watering this guy with about 1 cup of water(a full spray bottle as i have been spraying with) + 2ml of superthrive. Woke up this morning and well.....you can see for yourselves :mad:

    Clearly over watered....Im not sure whats up, this guy was clearly a runt and having some issues.....if i was underwatering like i believed i was after last night i dont think the other 3 would be in such good condition. Im not sure how to handle this, I havent even given these guys an entire gallon of water combined since they sprouted. I have a 1 gallon jug that I have been using to refill my spray bottle with and its only half empty now!

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  15. I also wanted to add I watered the problem child an hour before lights off, just realized looking at the pics(didnt notice when i took the pic because i was so distracted by the fact that i murdered it) it looks like the soil is still pretty damn wet and that the plant barely took in any water...ugh, this is a sad day. Im going to see if it comes back but if it doesnt i will chop it and transplant the 1 in the 6 inch white pot into the 3g smart pot this one is in
  16. think your gonna find its easier to start em in the plastic cups...at this point their tryin' to get their roots under em and if your puttin' sprouts that size in 3 gallon smarties..you might only have ta feed em every 10 days...the top couple inches of coco will dry out and thats where plants that size have their roots...what do you have mixe with your coco...looks ta need more perlite to increase drainage
  17. 100% cocogro...what do you think my best course of action should be with this little guy? you think the amount of superthrive i used is the culprit? overwatered? Im gunna move it directly under the light and see if the coco will dry out and the leaves perk back up, i really didnt give it that much water....:mad:
  18. thats just it...coco needs to be watered throughly...if your just watering a little..most of the coco would still be dry...and the water would sink below root level..go easy on superthrive:smoke:
  19. so what should i do to save this little guy then?
  20. are you using 2ml superthrive for 1 cup of water? that stuff is super super concentrated . one drop is all I use per gallon when cloning . did you send a pic cause I cant find it but my guess would be to flush with straight water, but its hard to say without seeing the pic might be to late for this girl

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