whats wrong wit my plant. seriously.

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  1. the first pic is what it looked like 2 days ago . as of may 24th its 7 weeks old. i think its a female butt i added this liquid nutrient from miracle grow. i found out later that you havee to delude it or else itll be to strong. i never watered it after giving it the liquid nutrients. i should have never even screwed around with it . it was growin fine. is there any way i can save thiss in timee? help

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  2. Hose the soil down for a good long time. Like a hour.
  3. yeah just like what pola bear said flush the soil real good and things should start to look up for them haha.
  4. you think thatll save it ? i hope. this plant had the potential for some nice bud
  5. yea totally agree with above posts, flush it, use atleast 3 times the amount for the size of pot eg 1 gallon pot flush with 3 gal of water & so on, but it may take more, & then just hope for the best, theres a good chance it will sort it, but cant say for sure it will save it or not
  6. yea thanks everybody . idk how im gonna get a hose out into the middle of the woods lol . any suggestions?
  7. no need for a hose really. just take tripple the amount of water in containers.
  8. gunna be interesting hearing how he walked out there with 15 gallons of water.thats gotta be one big ass backpack lol
  9. a big duffle bag and 2 or 3 trips lol
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    are bugs eating my plant ? :/

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