Whats wrong? PLZ HELP!

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    Here are some pics. THis is a purple kush plant. Out door organic soil. Its about two and a half months old. It was going good but now it is clawing and turing pale green\yellow. Plz some one tell me wut is wrong and how do i fix it?

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  2. Hey trix

    You're probably going to want to start by giving some more info on your setup, some details will help the experts diagnose your issue much easier, ie the plants diet, environment, etc etc
  3. Definitely. Describe your watering habits, feeding habits, temps and humidity, as much info as you can fit in one post because a lot of things will yellow a plant. Also, check your pH. This is critical.
  4. My plant is out doors. I live in Southern Cali. I water when ever the soil is dry one inch below the surface. I was watering them with distilled water with some super thrive and a 10-17-10 plant food for blooming. My budget has decreased a lot, so now im using tap water that I let sit out for 48 hours at least. I always check the ph of everything i put in the pot. The ph is 6.5-7. I use the strips for ph test( my digi broke). Hope that helps you guys help me.
  5. Have you ever flushed it?? How for into flower? Are you still giving nutes? if so how much of what?
  6. Yes I have flushed it once or twice. It is 2 weeks into flowering. I give it nutes like once a week. Very small dose of superthrive(one drop per gallon) And a few drops of flower bloom plant food that is 10-17-10
  7. if its flowering you should stop givin it nutes, just water only. all i really use is tap water that i let sit out of course and my plants have always done fine.
  8. As in you don't nute during flowering?
  9. Ok i messed up, it is 5 weeks into flowering. All the fan leaves seem to be turning yellow and dying. Im just going to flush it once and then just plain water until harverst. I am having a bit of a catipillar problem now. I just pick them off and feed them to a huge spider in my garage.

  10. yeah... i never have givin my plants nutrients during flowering, just plain water out the tap that sat out for a day or so. i did however water them a little bit more often, twice a week i believe i did it last time and about 12 - 14 oz at a time i was using 3 gallon buckets with some super organic shit i got from some old dude as the medium.

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