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    Haven't used any nutes yet. It has been quite hot lately. Water has been regular, every 3/4 days.
    Soil is a good organic potting soil. I haven't tested PH. Plant is almost a month old, everythings been going great till now.

    edit: there should be a ? in the title :(

    I am thinking its potassium deficiency? Help appreciated.


  2. At first glance, it looks like something is
    attacking and eating the leaf(s).
    Check your grow area and identify it first.
    Check very thoroughly.
  3. Agreed. You have a predator.

  4. Huh really? You're probably right but I never considered it cause I have chicken wire, always piss around my plants, and have my dogs piss there too. Guess I'll have to reconfigure the chicken wire. Its probably something small, insects? DAMN

    What about the yellowing/burning. That's not due too a predator...
  5. Chicken wire will only keep large pests out,
    such as rabbits, deer, etc.

    Your eyes will do a better job.

    Read my thread about pests in this forum.
    Time is of the essence man.

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