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  1. This has happened to me a few times and I don't know why. Is it just luck of the draw? I have 4 others in the same conditions and none of the others were affected. It just seems to pick a point in the middle and shrivel up in one spot. I take it it's too early to try and clone it to save it.

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    It's called damping-off. Usually caused by wet conditions - fungus/pathogens kill the roots - humidity domes will cause this at times if not vented properly. What do you plan on cloning?
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  3. I was hoping I could cut it from where it shriveled and clone that lol I am pretty positive it won't work. Just wishful thinking is all. But really, thanks. Sucks cause that was my last fruit punch. I'll be sure to watch the moisture. I left the top off my dome this time but I kept adding water to keep them from drying out. That has been my only misfortune so far this round
  4. Your seedling died from the roots up - it can't be cloned. A humidity dome is not necessary and the rockwool just needs to be moist not wet. Good luck.
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  5. It's why I hate and never recommend humidity domes they have only caused me problems and I never have a problem without one. I'll start off misting a couple times a day for the first couple days then after that I honestly just water my jiffy pellets as needed. So I wouldn't worry about adding one the next attempt on my opinion op I don't think it's that serious

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  6. I have noticed that. Humidity domes have screwed me out of a few plants. I think I'm gonna stop them as well. Good ol regular nature usually works best anyhow
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  7. Looks like damp off or a fungal infection. I would say to wipe everything down with bleached water and use Mykos and Anzos to innoculant the cubes and then put the seed to sprout.

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