what's worse, underdriving a centrifugal fan or turning it on/off more often?

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  1. So I got a fan controller to run my 440cfm down, now I can get 75F instead of 65 during lights-on. I'm just wondering if underdriving it will kill the motor, I saw some warnings on various things and got a bit concerned.

    I also found a thermocoupler that would do something similar for microbrewing, it's meant to turn on the refrigeration when it gets over a set temp (adjustable from 50F to 80F). So I could leave the probe, and when it starts getting too hot, have the fan kick on to cool.

    Which of those would be better for my $$ fan? Considering returning the controller and getting the temp switch, but if the controller is ok I'll just leave that in place.

  2. The controller should be fine i cant see why running it on low power should hurt.

    Then again - thats what they said at Chernobyl power station.

    Do you run on 240v?

    IMO the plants would prefer the fan to be on constantly rather than on and off - more stable temp.
  3. Actually, running the fan during the lights-off will get it cold faster, the light is the only thing keeping them warm (which is why I turned the flow down)

    Fan is 120v. Just concerned with brownout, since that's what I'm doing (adjusting voltage)


    If I ran the temp switch, that would actually provide a more stable temp by turning the fan on and off when needed.
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    Are you using co2? If you arent you should and use the second option.

  5. I am not, my temps aren't too high and I don't have tons of plants in a small space, so my normal air exchange has been enough for the few plants I run.
  6. Why should I be using CO2 with my setup? I see lots of people waste money on it, I have plenty of air to support a couple plants.
  7. Co2 increases the rate of photosynthesis. With the automated system you wwill get much more rapid growth. Maximizes potential of your plants. Your fans if constantly running will pull co2 out to quickly.
  8. Photosynthesis evolved when there was much more CO2 in the atmosphere
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    Exactly. About 800 ppm compared to around 300 ppm in todays aiir.
  10. We're talking about an oz a month or so... if I want more growth I'll just run another plant or something, no sense spending money on that until everything else is running at it's max
  11. apparently you can speed plant growth by 3 times with enough CO2 - also it makes it in hospitable for most pests - i dont use it but i wish i could - i make do with crummy respiration/fermentation. check this vid

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZOk_jAfmh4]CO2 In The Grow Room - YouTube[/ame]
  12. ah... see, this is in my flower closet. Grow room has a few small plants in a whole bedroom, keeping CO2 up in there would be a complete waste.
  13. They make bags you can hang in your grow that last like 6 months. Cost around $30. Worth sealing your space for.
  14. Just paint yourself white with sunblock and sleep in your grow room
  15. fuck, I wish. with the fan dialed in I'm hitting 75F, rest of the house is probably <60F! lol
  16. Hehehe, CO2 is for big ballers running big grows in search of big yields.

    I've fucked around with a fan controller to step down the speed; PITA trying to balance things. I finally decided to run it at full tilt; get that heat down and fresh air in there right now, not later. It's under control of a simple cooling thermostat; I run mine at around 75-80 degrees F.

  17. Link to your thermostat? Is it the refrigerator/homebrewing one?
  18. Standby bro, I'll get you a pic.

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