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Whats with this medical weed... (T.O., Can)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sp1zzl3c4t, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Recently got all signed up with a dispensary...
    Pretty excited to not have to go on a treasure hunt for weed anymore...
    Clean product and safe environment at last.
    So I buy some bud... sweet... it looks proper, nice smell, correct strains...
    ... but there's a lack of trichromes?  maybe they're just smaller to the naked eye...
    tastes good... I feel it on my body but there's almost no thc high / visual sensation?
    It took me a few days to realize there was little if any thc in these buds (it took days cause i was playing around with strains)
    Here are some pictures of 2 strains and their insides...
    those are grade (4A) ... (not sure what this means but I assume potency)
    anyways... did they really take out the thc?  high cbd?  or some other explanation?
    Thanks for your thoughts...


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  2. It may be an indica strain if you only feel in the the body. I'm not sure what the 4A  and 3A mean, but maybe it's not top shelf??  Is the body high strong at least or is it all around weak?  It's hard to tell from the pics but I don;t see many trichs...but again without HD pics its hard to tell.  I would try a diff strain or just look around for a diff dispensary if you're not feeling this batch.
  3. I acquired various strains with different ratios of ind vs sativa...... none of them gets me high like your average street kush
    With the same camera I'd be able to pick up trichs off regular bud...
    I do get a lot of "crystals"/pollen in my kief department of my grinder... I dont think it gets me high when I smoke it tho lol
  4. Well that just plain sucks buddy lol.  But really i would go to a diff dispensary.  If it's true med cannabis you should feel it regardless if its sativa or indica. 
  5. Next time you go ask for a THC heavy Sativa-dom.
  6. Yes fo sho.  Many dispensaries test their strains so they should be able to tell you what has the highest THC.  I could just be that place though...there are a ton here in CA and some are ok and some are amazing. 
    I see plenty of trichs on your bud. Especially on the calyxes inside.
    What you are calling, "crystals," and, "pollen," in your kief catch are trichomes. That's what is screened off the bud, Trichomes. Unless your screen has larger gage holes, in which case you may be getting some plant matter too.
    Without sounding too jerky, are you sure you know what trichs are? Do you have a magnifying glass or lens of some sort to insepct bud with? Look at all the little hairs on your bud, you will discover they are trichs.
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  8. #8 sp1zzl3c4t, Jan 14, 2014
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    I'm definitely no professional, which is why I came here... but I do have experience...
    I've been smoking for over a decade, visited Holland numerous times, smoke budmail... (prime bc bud)
    I don't know much about growing and its processes however.
    It doesn't appear these trichs are fully developed or big...?  There should be way more trichromes on the inside of that bud if it's even slightly potent... there aren't much if any.  Thc crystals I mean...
    and like I said, smoking the kief doesn't get me very high.
    One hit of street kush is more potent than bowl/s worth of these nugs...
    a friend put out a theory that they harvested before the trichromes could mature... creating a more cbd dominant bud... if that makes any sense.
    I'm just trying to figure out what's going on... lol
  9. another thing, I use a vaporizer with a glass stem...
    usually after a bowl or few of street kush, the stem will be pretty resiny/dirty
    I've smoked maybe 20+ bowls of these medical strains and the stem is only slightly coated with resin despite getting clouds of vapor
  10. I got some street bud n its def a indica dom. So i get where you are coming from.
    I def believe your bud is an indica.
    I hardly get that mental high even when the bud is straight loud.
    I too vape :)
  11. that looks like good weed to me, send it my way lol. maybe that strain doesnt affect you or maybe your dispensary has shit weed, have someone else smoke a lil n get there opinion Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  12. (I do get the mental high with vaping, just meant with the current bud im vaping)
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    I have no idea about your med system but ive seen quite a few remarks about canadian med weed being low quality. Isnt all of the supply state grown or something?
  14. 'Did they take out the THC'Umm.. No.
  15. Canada got that purp. Don't be fooled y'all. They got DANK
  16. Smoked some blueberry kush... Although its 20% sativa 80% indica.

    Pretty much all these nugs are "creeper" instead of instant "boom".

    I would say I'm 5/10 "high" after 15-20 mins after roasting a decent bowl.

    I don't personally believe I'm referring to "sativa" when speaking about being "high" or "stoned"... I just think there's a lack of mature THC crystals overall... ?
    Like I said, not trying to be a jerk, but I knew it would sound potentially jerky.
    Your friends theory is also part of the reason I asked if you have a magnifying glass or scope of some sort. Looking at the trichomes and their shape and color can help you identify if it was harvested too early or late.
  18. #18 sp1zzl3c4t, Jan 14, 2014
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    You're not being a jerk, you bring up valid points, I'm trying to learn as much about this as possible.
    I don't have a magnifying glass currently.... if I did?
    Usually with a naked eye I can detect large enough crystals...... not so much on these buds.... esp when broken up... what does that mean, if anything?
  19. I think the bottom line here is that the bud isn't getting you high... do you really need to know why? Just switch around dispensaries until you find something you like.
  20. Seems high in CBD, try getting sativa

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